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Btw.. MOP is going to kill wow.. It was a horrible expansion.
Ummm, it's 2018 and WoW is still strong. Obviously the mechanics suck now and are way too over-simplified, but it's still the most popular non-f2p mmorpg in existence, and I still love it, even after almost a decade of playing it. I've gotten sick of it a few times and stop but I always come back. And Rift is the same way for me. Is there any mmo you DO like? I mean no offense, and I know this post is years old, but cynicism and opinionated thinking is just annoying to most people, including me. I'm not trying to troll you or anything, either. I was just trying to show you that just because someone doesn't like certain changes to certain games doesn't mean the game "sucks" or is "going to die". I've seen the same thing over and over again. Every time a change happens, whether it's a nerf, an op or even a bug fix, a lot of people get pissed, but then they come back and I see them defending the game in trade or 4-chat when someone talks trash about it. It's just funny to me, I guess.

But like I said, this is an old post. I just had to share my perspective. Happy New Year and I hope whatever game you're playing these days, it makes you happy, like Rift and WoW do me.