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Thread: How to get to Tempest Bay??

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    Default How to get to Tempest Bay??

    I'm a Guardian and I have a quest named "The Hunt Begins" and I need to travel to Tempest Bay to talk to some NPC. However, I can't find a way to get there.

    I've been there once, on the first day I played SL, but I can't remember how to go back. I talke to some NPC that ported me there, but I don't remember which one.

    TYIA for the help.

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    From Trion helpdesk:

    How do I get to to the new zones or Tempest Bay?

    With Storm Legion we have added new zones called Pelladane and Cape Jule, along with a new major city called Tempest Bay.

    To get to the new zones, you'll need to get the ice lake south of the Chancel of Labors in Iron Pine Peak. From there you will need to locate the two Gatekeepers.

    Gatekeeper Athomo can take you to Cape Jule.
    Gate Keeper Colleen can take you to Pelladane.

    In order to get to this city the first time you will need to speak to either Captain Lok Okupilo at the docks in Tulan in Cape Jule or Artifex Abaton at the Tuldio Retreat in Pelladane.

    Once you've visited Tempest Bay, porticulums are located around these areas, which can take you to Tempest Bay.

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