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    Default Vouchers bug ??

    I bought some inscribed and vile vouchers yesterday then send them to another toon, which never had these 2 stones yet, so when i clicked on the vouchers, i didnt get the stones.

    Is this niormal ?? do i need to get 1 of these stones before using my vouchers.

    Still have 18 inscribed vouchers, dont wanna waste them for nothing.

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    I looked into this, and it appears to be purely a UI issue.

    As soon as you get a Sourcestone NOT from a Voucher, your currency tab will be updated to reflect ALL Sourcestone of that type you have earned (both directly and from vouchers). Meanwhile, if you go to a Rare Planar Goods vendor that accepts that type of Sourcestone, if you look at the lower right corner of the merchant window, your currency total will be displayed even though it is not visible on your character window.

    So the good news is that nothing is being lost. You are getting and can spend your Sourcestone currency.

    The bad news (at least from our end) is that this is still a bug, even if it is a display only bug. I have passed the issue on to our QA team for further documentation, and they will forward it to our UI team to be fixed.

    Thank you for the heads up!
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