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Thread: To all the addon naysayers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kakiro View Post
    So now that addons have been out a while, are any of the addon naysayers willing to admit they were wrong?

    No, the game hasn't turned into a dystopia where everyone with a DPS meter is a jerk and will kick people for not pulling 1k single target DPS in a t2. I'm sure people run into just as many jerks in random dungeons as before, addons don't change that.

    No there arn't any addons that "Play the game for you" or "automate" anything at all.
    They knew they were lying when they first said those things. So why would they admit to it now? Most of them don't even know what an addon really is.

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    Anyone come out with a decent Unit Frames mod yet?

    I dispise the default one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skidrow Bro View Post
    There's or there is. That's all I read
    Oh no, the ****** that thinks it's possible to make a counter addon to being marked didn't read my post

    I am soooooo sad now


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