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Thread: Lets see how customer service responds to this.. LOL

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    Default Lets see how customer service responds to this.. LOL

    I went to log on to my main 50th lvl rogue just to see some changes that I have not been on for about a month.. And low and behold.. POOOOFFF My "mount" thingy you use the Dragon Quins on to level it up to 50 is GONE.. bye bye, nowhere to be found.. LOL I wrote a ticket asking for it to be reimbursed, it was approx 30th level the last I did anything with it.. I suspect that since I'm a cancelled account due to leave in a month, I'll be given the "sucks to be you, nothing we can do" response.. LOL

    I wonder what else has changed in that account that I'm not seeing? lol
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    Its not in your bank is it ? You wouldn't be the first and not the last to make this mistake. I myself have been victim to the none working glasses syndrome

    Other than that. Could you have been hacked or sold it somehow?

    I'm sure they should be able to check your account to see what happened to it. I had similar thing happen to me in WoW and LoTRO and I got them back but there was a limit on how many items we could receive back per character.

    Good Luck.

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