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Thread: Synergy Crystals and Trinkets

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    Default Synergy Crystals and Trinkets

    Could we please rush in some Synergy Crystals and Trinkets for pve to help the average joe who likes to mix his pvp and pve? ATM I am looking at a 20% or greater hit to my dps since a lot of my gear is pvp gear. Sadly, there is little or no way to fix this problem as the items don't exist in the game.

    How hard is it really to add a T1, T2 and T3 Synergy Crystal giving an appropriate amount of bonus for having 2 and 4 pieces of Mark or Plaque gear?

    Most of the trinkets in this game are garbage. How hard is it to add a few trinkets purchasable with Plaques or Inscribed Sourcestone with some half decent stats on them?
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    While we’re talking about itemization, we’re happy to confirm that Pre-Hammerknell PvE Synergy Crystals should make their debut in Update 1.5 – more details to come as we get closer to that update.
    The set effects will off course NOT be cut in half for PvP.

    taken from: http://community.riftgame.com/en/201...e-tomorrow-91/
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    Originally Posted by Cactuschef

    Fixed a problem where you could combine certain talents for a useful result.

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