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    is there any way i can send planarite between toons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzyrye View Post
    is there any way i can send planarite between toons.

    There is now. If you are familiar with the situation of getting back under the cap on your main by grabbing useless augment boxes every day or two and have hundreds of shards then here's what to do.

    Buy tokens with shards, send token to alt, alt uses token and gets a shard then exchanges the shard for planarite. (or keeps the shard/stone if they want it)

    Pros -
    Get's currency to alts
    Uses up excess planarite without filling even more bank space with augments.
    Makes use of the stock of shards.

    Cons -
    It costs 500 planarite to token a top tier shard which will turn into 250 planarite for the alt. So 1 shard + 500 planarite = 250 planarite.
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