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Thread: Cursed Sourcestone

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    Default Cursed Sourcestone

    So let me get this right, these stones are pointless? All they can get you is out geared epics, which are useless with the amount of planarite needed.

    It's just stupid, what is the point in grouping up to kill a boss if it only drops that, I would rather the end boss drops a Cursed Sourceshard, at least I can trade that in for 75 planarite or some decent gear, not something ridiculous like 1 cursed sourcestone and 1000 planarite, which in the end, for the level you will be, isn't that good.

    Oh and another thing, why do defiance decide to group up in high levels and attack lower level areas? Small *******?

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    I was suprised they left out the purple stones too for the planarite trade in, you could argue they're more worthless than the blue ones. You need 2 at 50 and that is it...
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