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Thread: LFG Queue vs Public Groups

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    Default LFG Queue vs Public Groups

    There are enough posts about the wait times in the LFG tool here already, I think everyone gets the picture.

    One of the really cool things about Rift is public groups or random pairings. I find it rather easy to team up with anyone out in the wild and I rather enjoy the community that comes from that. What I am seeing more of now is people in private groups and I finally realized that is 100% due to the LFG tool.

    So basically you have a choice or two to make. Stand in the LFG queue and hope it triggers but you can't participate in any public group. An hour or more for some people and they essentially can only solo invasions and rifts. Or you can drop the LFG tool for the invasion and go back in, at the bottom.

    It kind of sucks that lower level people can't team with 50s for rifts because of this feature and it actually makes it worse for the community since it's segregating people.

    Would it be possible for a game mechanic that prompted you to join the group/raid, stay solo in the queue and only through the public group function? Anything that let you add people into the queue could be abused I think but this basic mechanic would help a lot.


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    I completely agree...and often I've been in the LFD queue that I forgot I was, and then I get irrirated when an event starts up and I have to manually turn it off to be part of the RIFT raid.

    I think it's an okay idea, but I personally haven't found it usable (only 1 group invite has popped for me in the past week in 12 to 16 hours of playing, all as a tank spec / role).

    Needs work.

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