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Thread: Will Beta characters still be playable in finished game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrapps View Post
    Lol this is the first MMO I'll actually play. I played a bit of WoW but didnt like it. So it took me awhile to get to 20. Kind of a noob ;) lol
    But thanks everyone
    Dont worry about the vipers. They are attached to their mmorpg veteran status like you were to your beta character. Pretty much pay to play you never ever keep character progress from beta, be it closed or open, to release. Headstart is just a short timeframe as a bonus to preordering where their release date is earlier. I say keep playing btw. If you are new, then this is a great chance without any pressure to play and get to know the ropes.

    If you keep at it, even if they get erased, you will hit the ground running in headstart or normal release.

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