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Thread: The Official Beta Selection Thread

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    Soulwalker chainheart's Avatar
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    Aug 2010


    I have been playing wow on and off since it came out. I've done a lot of raiding lately and really am into exploring a lot of different content, such as PvP, questing, crafting/professions, and general map exploration. I am really hoping to get into this beta because I think it would be a great change of pace to jump into a great looking next-gen mmo like Rift. I am also excited about the way the Class system works with the Skills tree, looks like there can be a lot of possibilities and I definitely have a lot of fun playing around with different character builds.

    Beta Testing Experience: Starcraft 2 is really the only one I'd count as really beta testing. I've played Medal of Honor beta and CoD: Modern Warfare on 360 in the beta phases, but those felt more like unpolished demos. I've been Invited to the WoW: Cataclysm beta also, so I'll see how that goes lol.

    I am Really interested in beta testing this game because I am hoping for a really engaging MMO experience. I have played WoW for a while and have tried other MMO trials and they all felt either rushed, unpolished, or they just didn't offer anything really original at all. I hope this game can finally bring something new and fresh to the table.

    Here are my computer Specs:

    AMD Athlon Dual Core 5400+ 2.8 GHz Processor
    ASUS M2N-E SLI Motherboard
    3.00 GB 6400 DDR2 RAM
    ATI Radeon HD 5670 1GB RAM
    Seagate 500GB SATA Hard Drive

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    Post Beta Application

    Hi All! As you can see, I'm absolutely new to these forums, but have been following Rift for quite awhile. I, like the rest of us, sat glued to my television watching the G4TV coverage of E3 to catch a glimpse at Rift... and wasn't disappointed! You'll see me around these forums quite a bit from now on...

    But, on to the initiated:


    Everquest (Yes the original) - Was in the last round of beta-testing (but I was VERY young at the time and my family had just gotten a computer with good enough hardware to play it). Everquest was a pioneer in modern gaming and was my first MMORPG. I played through the beta and into the first couple of expansions before the game began to lose its luster due to the community.

    Dark Age of Camelot - My favorite MMORPG of all time. Mythic did a fantastic job on this game. The end-game (true PvP combat) was great and kept my attention. Mythic's beta process was great as well. This was the first game that I beta-tested to include a feedback interface in-game. I played this game for a total of nearly 8 years and beta-tested every expansion that was released.

    Planetside - Back to Sony I went as this title looked incredibly interesting. The blend of MMO and FPS appealed to me. As I was in school at the time, the ability for me to get on and play for a couple of hours and submit feedback, only to retire to homework fit well. Also, most of my classmates picked up the game in beta -- which made it nice. I had a lot of expectations for this game, but I don't feel that Sony put a tremendous amount of effort into it after the game released.

    SWG - This game had a lot of potential. Throughout the beta process, Sony was fantastic at taking input from its testers, and making them feel that their input was being acted upon. Their patch notes included shout-outs to testers that submitted the bug or request, which made those of us in the community feel that what we did mattered.

    Everquest 2 - Sony recruited me to beta-test their second installment at a very early stage. At this point I had completed my degree in Game Design and Development and had a couple of my classmates go to work for Sony. I beta-tested this game while developing my first title. It was nice to have a change of pace...

    Warhammer: Age of Reckoning - When I saw that Mythic was in development with this title I jumped at the chance to help out. Mythic was gracious enough to indulge me and I came in to help. My input focused mostly around PvP fight mechanics and class-balancing. I had quite a bit of developer interaction with this beta, so I found the experience very rewarding.

    Starcraft 2 - A departure from my ordinary beta-testing roles. Starcraft 2 was a very interesting experience. The RTS genre as a whole was different and, again, I found myself submitting feedback in the fight-mechanics and balancing areas. This gave me quite a different view into balancing, as at the pace that this game moves, finely-tuned metrics are a must... Blizzard has a nice title on their hands in this game.


    As is described above, I have quite a bit of MMORPG experience just in the beta-testing arena. Aside from the games above, I've tried my hand at:
    • World of Warcraft (although I didn't find myself much a fan in the end -- the end-game didn't excite me much)
    • Aion
    • Vanguard
    • Age of Conan
    • City of Heroes
    • Eve Online
    • Guild Wars
    • Anarchy Online
    • Fallen Earth
    • Borderlands

    I moved through these titles relatively quickly as what interests me in an MMO is long-term playability (ie. the end-game). Most of the above titles didn't grab me and hold on as much as some of the titles I beta-tested (ie. DAoC and WAR).

    -----Why I would like to join the RIFT beta-----

    To start with the selfish reasons, I get a rise out of playing a new MMO. I love the chance to come in to something completely unfamiliar and develop my skills. I also absolutely love video games, and I've got an MMO itch that I can't seem to scratch!

    To continue by butt-kissing, I think the storyline of Rift is possibly one of the most unique that I'll have the chance to play thus far. The whole concept of rifts themselves, coupled with the classes and factions, I feel, opens the door to a myriad of possibilities. I'm also interested to see what TRION as a company is capable of doing. Sony and Mythic have burned their immortal place in my mind, and I'm looking for another company to do the same. The PC market as a whole has been marred by the console gaming industry as of late, and it's nice to have a stronghold as a PC gamer in the true MMORPG market that is still attracting newer developers.

    To close with a tiny bit of shameless self-promoting, I have a tremendous amount of experience in this area, as well as a unique perspective. My education as a game developer gives me a unique insight as to what it takes to make a game work. This being said, my feedback is always technical and concise in nature -- and every developer I've given it to has seemed glad to receive it. I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction out of beta-testing (especially MMOs) and I hope to add Rift to my list of "Best Beta-Testing Experiences".

    As for the personals (which I understand is important from a demographic diversity standpoint):
    Married Male
    27 years old
    Minneapolis, MN

    Primary PC Specs :

    Core i7 930
    EVGA GTX 470
    12GB RAM
    2 x Western Digital VelociRaptor WD4500HLHX 450GB 10000 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s ----- RAID 0
    2 x Western Digital Caviar Black WD1001FALS 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s ----- RAID 1
    Asus P6T Motherboard
    PC Power and Cooling Silencer Mk II PPCMK2S950 950W PSU
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

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    New Jersey


    Lets see.. MMOs are the only games that entertain me now :x

    MMO Experience:
    EverQuest 1 ~6 years
    EverQuest Online Adventures ~2 years
    WoW < 1 year
    Vanguard ~2 years
    Age of Conan < 1 year
    EverQuest 2 ~6 years and counting

    Beta Testing Experience:
    Vanguard (and told them it wasn't ready - though I'm aware of the extenuating circumstances.. <3 you devs )
    EQ2 - Echoes of Faydwer, The Shadow Odyssey and Sentinel's Fate

    Why I Want to Test:
    I've watched (my personal opinion) the decline of MMOs over the years. I remember inspecting a level 50 toon in EQ1 and being in awe aspiring to reach that level of greatness one day. Now I can level an alt in EQ2 to 90 in a matter of days and the gear is meh. Over the years I've also seen so many good ideas fall to the wayside. There are certain pieces from every MMO that are brilliant but by themselves, aren't enough. There are also certain ideas that just need a little bit of tweaking to be perfect. I'm liking Rift more and more with every additional thing I read about it.

    I'm a 23 year old male and on the gamer scale I'd consider myself:

    Casual |------------------X-------| Hardcore

    System Specs:
    Windows 7 64bit
    Intel Core I5 750 @ 3.5GHz
    Nvidia GTX 8800
    Razer Barracuda AC-1 Audio
    4GB DDR3 Ram
    10 mbit down / 2 mbit up according to
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    Shadowlander Mogana's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Memphis, TN


    Let me preface by saying I've never been in a Beta, but I would very much like to be.

    I think I represent a demographic that is not always addressed, but that is larger than I think most realize. I'm an older(as in over 35) female who loves mmo's.

    My computer meets or exceeds all requirements and I have plenty of free time for testing.

    Experience entails:
    Wow...over 2years and still playing. Raid and upper level content done.

    I've been looking for a new game to capture my interest and have the kind of mechanics that are made for enjoyable play. Here's hoping I can help Rift be that kind of game!

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    Aug 2010


    Your experience as an MMO gamer
    Ultima online
    Star Wars Galaxies
    Knights online
    Silk Road
    Perfect World
    12 Sky 2
    Dungeons & Dragons Online
    Zu Online

    Your experience as a tester
    Ultima online
    Star Wars Galaxies
    Star Craft 2
    Perfect World
    Lord of the Rings

    Why you want to be a Rift Beta tester
    In between MMO's atm, so have more time on my hands than normal. I've alway find it nice to find something that no1 else has, and see it fixed. In beta testing I tend to focus on crafting, as this is what for me makes the good mmo great. If crafting is lacking I feel it attracts away from the over all gameplay.

    System Specs

    Operating System:
    Windows XP 32bit
    4GB DDR3 Ram
    AMD Phenom ll X4 955
    GeForce 8600 GTS
    20 mbit ADSL line

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    Soulwalker Uksa's Avatar
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    Apr 2010


    Age requirement met

    Hardware, system, and connection requirements met: Asus P6T, Core i7, 6BG RAM, GTX 260 (896mb)

    MMO Experiences (content, mechanics, tools, and community):
    • Class genres: max level all standard archetypes (tank, healer, caster/melee dps, utility/cc)
    • Career options: max in adventure, crafting, harvesting, and diplomacy
    • Significant end-game raiding and progression
    • Community and interface: guilds, trading/auction, housing, bank, mail, etc
    • PvE (primary focus) and some PvP

    MMO Games:
    • Most significant: EQ2, Vanguard
    • Others: DAoC, Ryzom, WoW, Warhammer, LotRO

    Testing Experience (games now 'live')
    • Vanguard pre-launch and some post-launch developer led raid testing
    • Darkfall pre-launch

    My interests in Beta testing:
    • Early involvement in both world and in-game community; may have years of commitment from my guild and other mature gamers
    • At launch, Trion positioned to deliver a game experience that is high quality, fun, and ultimately durable in the marketplace
    • Provide feedback on game play, content, mechanics, engagement/fun through game play, experimentation, and active bug-reporting
    • I am serious and passionate about MMOs. Also, I am objective, observant, analytical, and patient
    • And yes, I want to get inside Rift and enjoy the ride

    Blades of Wrath

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    Rift Disciple Dannan's Avatar
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    Aug 2010


    Hello everyone. I figured i'd throw my hat in the ring wiht everyone else and maybe get a shot at this beta. I've been followign rift for a while and it oly occured to me today to maybe register on the forums. So expect to see more of me in the near and distant future.

    On to the experience then.

    Your experience as an MMO gamer:
    I've been playing MMOs now for almost 10 years, longer if you count my MUD experience. My first ever MMO was Phantasy Star Online for the Dreamcast, which, though it isn't exactly Massively Multiplayer still had most of the basics that made an MMO. I played that for quite some time until I eventually stopped playing that and "moved onto" MUDs. It seems odd that i'd go backwards but I came across quite a few that I enjoyed. Eventually I found myself playing Ragnarok Online and I played that for a few months until World of Warcraft was released. I played World of Warcraft exclusively for about two years. Then I played RF Online for a few months before returning to World of Warcraft again and playing it for a while. Real life interrupted so I played it off and on again for another year and a half until Age of Conan was released. I played that for a few months then moved onto Warhammer online. Which I played for nearly half a year before succumbing to peer pressure and returning to WoW. I played World of Warcraft again for a few months, then I started playing Lord of the Rings Online with my girlfriend. We played that together for a few months until we decided to make our own legin for Aion. We ran that for about half a yea runtil our server and some in guild issues forced us to stop, at which point we went BACK to World of Warcraft, where we had some degree of success as gamers. Then we played All Points Bulletin for a bit, until we realized Rift was slowly sneaking up with us. So we're here and we've decided to give the whole guild thing a shot.

    Your experience as a tester:
    My experience as a tester is varied. I've played many open betas for games and given decent enough feedback. Incluuded in these are:
    Warhammer Online
    Aion the Tower of Eternity
    All Points Bulletin
    Starcraft 2

    Why you want to be a Rift Beta tester:
    I am very excited about Rift, and I want to do everything I can to make it the bets game it could possibly be. I'm not one of those people who just wants to play the game early and for free. I'm the sort whos going to go out of my way to break your game as mcuh as possible so that no one else could do it later. I give good feedback on classes and mechanics and I feel like I could add a lot to Rift.

    Obligatory System Specs:
    Operating System
    MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00GHz
    8.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2
    Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L
    Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 Video Adapter
    WDC WD6400AAKS-75A7B2 ATA Device
    TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223Q ATA Device
    Realtek ALC888 @ Intel 82801JB ICH10 - High Definition Audio Controller PCI

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    Plane Touched Shelus's Avatar
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    I meet both age requirements and system specs

    Your experience as an MMO gamer:
    Worl od Warcraft

    Your experience as a tester:
    Everquest 2

    Why you want to be a Rift Beta tester:
    Well to put it simple this is my last MMO if it does not do well im done with these types of games so I want to help make it as good as it can be by providing feedback and bug reports as I can.

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    Soulwalker Darkodin's Avatar
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    Aug 2010


    Why I want to beta test Rift-

    I want to beta test Rift so I can help make this game reach its maximum potential. I'm good at providing detailed feedback on just about anything game related and I love testing game mechanics in general.

    MMOs I've Played-

    Anarchy Online
    Dungeons & Dragons Online
    Guild Wars
    World of Warcraft
    Champions Online

    MMOs I've beta tested-

    Anarchy Online
    Champions Online

    My system meets or exceeds your recommend requirements

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    Hi Abigail,

    My name is Timothy. I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with you on making Rift great. It is with great interest that I submit myself as a potential tester.

    As the community leader of a ten-year-old gaming community of several hundred active members spanning multiple games, I have direct or indirect experience with both playing and testing most major MMO's and other multiplayer online games since about 2001. An exhaustive list is available upon request, but titles include:
    • AION
    • Cabal Online
    • Final Fantasy
    • Hellgate: London
    • Warhammer: Online
    • World of Warcraft

    As well as games from other genres including being a member of the development and testing team for the Warcraft III map mod Defense of the Ancients: Allstars (DotA), a beta tester for Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, Mythos, Starcraft II, and other titles.

    As an electrical engineer in the energy consulting industry "by day," I have experience communicating technical information in an easy-to-understand manner for use in decision making. As a community leader "by night," I am constantly developing my ability to provide constructive feedback on both positive performance as well as areas for improvement.

    I am specifically interested in Rift because I believe it will set the tone for the next generation of MMORPG games, and I would like to work hard to help make that belief become reality. Several of the features and talking points you have mentioned in your interviews have spoken to me as a player, and I would absolutely love the opportunity to help contribute.

    Thank you for your consideration.


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    Soulwalker MKimmu's Avatar
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    Aug 2010


    Just recently came across this game when looking for a new MMO to take up my time. I'm in the Navy, changing commands to a new duty station where I'll have big chunks of downtime and high-speed internet access, and I figured now would be a great time to get back into the MMO experience I loved.




    ASUS G60VX Notebook
    Win7 - 64bit
    Intel Core2 Quad Q9000 2GHz Processor
    4GHz RAM
    DirectX 11
    nVidia GeForce GTX 260M 1GB GFX Card

    MMO Experience

    DAoC (my first MMO, still miss the 3-faction RvR experience, really got me into PvP)
    WoW (briefly, too busy to really get into it)
    Guild Wars
    Lord of the Rings Online (fell in love with that game in Closed Beta, and then with Monster Play later on, I'd still consider going back if they weren't making the change to F2P)

    Beta Experience

    Guild Wars (Open Beta)
    LOTRO (Closed + Open Beta)
    Tabula Rasa (Closed Beta)
    Stargate Worlds (Closed Beta)
    Vanguard (Open Beta)
    AoC (Open Beta)
    WAR (Closed Beta)

    Why I'd Like to be Chosen

    Frankly, I'm intrigued by the class system as it was described in the recent video, since it allows for an unheard of level of class customization, especially compared to a few of the other titles in development. At this point I'm still not sure how that will turn out, nor what to expect from the game as a whole. Open-world PvP (not server wide, but where it makes sense) has always been what keeps me playing an MMO, but this world seems so rich and dynamic that I may not even miss it at all. I'd love to get the opportunity to play this game and help in any way possible.
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    Telaran Howrybloodpaws's Avatar
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    Jun 2010


    Looking forward to playing this game. Have been following it for awhile now and am not only excited from everything I have read and seen on the game but also because I see so many people I have gamed with before in Vanguard and other games showing interest in the game as well.

    AMD 3000+
    4 Gigs Memory
    8800GT Video Card
    Windows 7 Ultimate

    Have alot of MMO and computer experience in general.

    Have played many games starting with Ultima Online moving to Everquest, DAOC, Everquest 2, Anarchy Online, Aion, WOW, Vanguard and others which I dont remember off the top of my head.

    I have beta tested many games over the years. From Everquest 2, Vanguard, Aion, to games that arent only MMO such as Goal Line Blitz and Lord of Ultima. I enjoy the beta testing aspect since it makes it feel like I have a vested interest in a game as I was a small part of the process.

    I am primarily a PST 7-11pm player and then varies on weekends.

    Looking forward to the opportunity to give this game a whirl and giving each class a proper workout.

    Thanks for the consideration.

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    Experience in MMO's

    Guild Wars

    I was a very active beta tester for EQ2 and Vanguard.

    I have two computers i can test with(1 just over specs and 1 way above)

    I would love to be chosen for beta because i would like to play a small part in making Rift as fun and bug free as possible. The games i have played over the last few years have been either buggy or have lack luster game play. I'm really looking forward to Rift and i want to be able to provide whatever feedback and bug reporting i can to make it the next big game out there.
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    Plane Touched Xris's Avatar
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    Jul 2010

    Default Beta application

    Pick me, pick me!!!!

    I'm a 38 yo male from Norway. I work with IT- security for the government.
    As far as I know I qualify from based on what information is given in this thread.

    MMO experience

    - WOW (Sub) - Warhammer Online (Open beta/Sub)
    - Age of Conan (Open Beta/Sub) - Aion (Sub)
    - Vanguard (Open Beta/Sub) - EQ2 (Sub)
    - LOTRO (Sub) - Darkfall (Closed Beta/ Sub)
    - EvE(Open Beta/Sub) - Fallen Earth (Open Beta)
    - Star Trek Online (Open beta) - Champions Online (Open beta)
    - Star Wars Galaxies (Closed Beta/sub) - Dungeon & Dragons Online (Open Beta)

    Experience as a tester

    Not an experienced tester. I usually follow the flow with doing the quests and group stuff. Not a raider.
    Not a exploiter. Will not jump on a pixed for an hour to see if I can get where I am not supposed to be.
    Currently in a beta that is to be unnamed until opeb beta. Will probably happen before invite to this one.

    In this game, if accepted, I will most probably focus on

    - The quality of story(in quests etc)
    - Latency issues due to location and HD graphics especially in PvP
    - Crafting and player economy
    - Any balance issues in the character development system

    Why beta

    To be honest I would rather have a free trial post launch rather than beta. That said, I am extremely curious and hopeful about this game.
    This post is evidence that I may not resist the pull.


    Vista Ultimate x64 SP2
    IntelCore2 Quad CPU 2.40 Ghz
    4GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX
    1T+ Disk
    May be latency issues due to european location

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    My Beta application

    I'm a 40+ year old gamer in the USA, where I like to unwind with computer games after a day of working with noxious chemicals...

    MMO experience

    Started with EQ, then moved on to EQ2, WoW, Aion, with a little bit of Vanguard, Warhammer and LoTRO along the way.

    Testing experience

    My first beta testing experience (or should I say attempt) was with Vanguard, but my computer was not up to speed and it was more an exercise in frustration than gaming. Recently I participated in beta testing for Aion.

    Why Beta

    I would really like to see how a game evolves into a finished product. And, if my wife makes it into this beta then I will never hear the end of it


    Athlon Phenom 955
    4 GB ram
    ATI 5770 graphics
    Plenty of hard disk space

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