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Thread: The Official Beta Selection Thread

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    Hi Abigale:

    I will probably end up editing this post as time passes and memories pick up omissions. Here's what I can recall off the top of my head:

    Experience as an MMO gamer
    EQ1 - started June 2, 2002 (forget the exact time) - mostly adventured as a rogue and social butterfly
    SWG - started early on but left just pre-NGE - almost exclusively crafted (Bio-Eng), with a little exploration/adventuring
    WoW - started about 4 months into game and played to pre-BC - rogue, met future wife in Southshore (at least that is where she got onto my friends list )
    Vanguard - played from beta through live for many months, but quit due to crippling chunk-lockout bug (reported many times and tested fixes but was never fixed) - rogue, but crafted (carpenter - Linolea on Vanguard crafters forums)
    LoTRO - played for three months - burglar, but quit after only dying once or twice gaining max level... no challenge whatsoever.
    WoW - just pre-WotLK to a month ago (cancelled subs) - rogue (quelle surprise!)... I can only handle so much fast food MMO

    Experience as a tester
    Vanguard - started in closed beta through invite. Mostly hammered out the crafting system and provided a fair whack of feedback.
    WAR - tested out Witchelf class (rogue look alikes) but found the game to be too linear for PvE purposes. I never PvP which was a major focus of the game. Did not play live version for these reasons.

    Why I want to be a Rift beta tester?
    To help build a better game! Well duh, but ***-kissing aside, I am keen to do the following:
    1) Foremost - test out the crafting system assuming it has been implemented and needs people who don't mind being nose down to the crafting table for hours on end. I can do dis!
    2) Test out the rogue class - probably Blade Dancer - I have played rogue classes in every MMO I play and am a rogue at heart. Hey, the rogue always gets the girl ... my WoW experience is proof of this. If there are problems with ther rogue look and feel ... I will find them.

    Rig Requirements
    I wish I could recollect them all, but I am on holiday for the next week and a half, but I can garauntee you that both our systems (Neema and I) exceed the stated stats - will populate this if necessary when I get home.

    Off the top of my head (listing lessor system where both not specified):
    • Both are Windows 7 Professional
    • Both have 4Gig RAM
    • Processors - AMF Phenom 9550 quad-core 2.2GHz
    • Video cards - ATI Radeon HD 4800 series
    • 100's of Gigs hard drive available
    • DirectX 9.0c - YES (DX 11 installed)
    • DirectX 8.1 Compliant Sound Card - YES
    • Broadband Internet Connection - YES - ADSL2+ living in Perth city centre = good bandwidth (approx 8 megabit down, 0.9 up - tested with

    Location & Age
    Australia - you didn't ask, but I think it might be relevant. You need a few folks with higher pings perhaps, to see how the game functions under those conditions? Age is well over the spec (18)


    PS> I will get Neema to post soon ... she is the beta cruncher due to Zinn dragging her all over the MMOsphere.
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    MMO Experience

    Anarchy Online

    Beta Experience

    Anarchy Online
    Star Wars (don't believe I admit this)

    Why I want to Beta Test Rift

    This is THE game for me. Been waiting on this since announcement! PRAYING this game is a success. Me helping to beta test, will make it successful I hope.

    What I can Provide: I'm damn near 40. You NEED an old coot telling these whipper snappers how to get it done. I am one of the few who actually you know, report issues and bugs.

    System Specs

    Windows Vista Ultimate 64 w/ service pack
    6 GB Ram
    AMD/ATI 5870
    Cable Broadband Internet

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    I think its pretty awesome that you guys set up beta invites like this Anyway here goes:

    I turned 18 in June and my computer exceeds neccessary requirements. They will be listed at the bottom.

    Though young, I do have a fair amount of MMO experience for my age group. I've played Runescape, Vanguard: Sage of Heroes, EvE Online, Everquest II, Aion, All Points Bulletin, and World of Warcraft. Vanguard was the MMO that really pulled me into the genre though. I used to be a hardcore console player starting with Super Nintendo at like age 4 or 5

    I haven't had a whole lot of experience as a tester, but I know that feedback is very important . I would like nothing more than to report bugs and make the game just that much smoother during launch.

    I've always loved the community involvement in MMOs. I love it when people work together and have fun in games they love. I want to be a Rift Beta Tester because I dont want people coming into the game during launch and not liking it because of simple bugs like not being able to obtain an item during a quest, or characters falling through the world. I feel that it drives lots of people away from a game with lots of potential, such as Vanguard.
    I'm going to college soon, and I want to spread the word on Rift with the new friends I make. I think there are alot of people out there that dont know what MMOs are like and how much fun they can be, even if it means just playing a few minutes/hours of the day. I used to be someone who stuck to console games until my older friends exposed me to a new world of gaming. Beta would be a great way to show them this new world of entertainment, a way to get them pumped, another way to have great social experiences.

    My post count is kinda pathetic, but I do read alot of others posts and try and keep up with day to day discussions, even if i dont say anything.

    Now for the all important computer specs:

    -Windows 7
    -4GB RAM
    -Intel Core i5 CPU 750@ 2.67GHz 2.67 GHz
    -GeForce 9800GT
    -327GB Hardrive Space
    -All the DirectX Stuff
    -3.38Mb per Second High-Speed
    -And of Course a keyboard/mouse/speakers

    Thanks for reading, and thanks for having Beta invites

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    Default I am READY!

    Have more than enough for the computer and software requirements,and with cable internet

    Windows7 home premium
    intel i7 4 core liquid cooled besides a bunch of big fans
    8GB RAM
    GeForce 295
    All the direct X STuff
    logitech G15 keyboard,etc

    I have more years gaming than most of you have lived. I have been in betas of so many different games that I don't even bother to keep track . When I find a good game I stay with it for years.

    I also have a way of recruiting people into games and guilds . I am part of Virtue community gamers where some of us have know each other for over 6 years. Oh, yeah...I am female. So hit the equal opportunity in testers.
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    MMO experience:

    - World of Warcraft 2 yrs.
    - Champions Online - 6 months
    - Aion - 2 months during beta
    - Star Wars Galaxies - 3 months
    - Everquest II - 3 months
    Other various stints of MMO's

    I am hoping that my sheltered view of MMO's will not hurt my chances to get into the beta. I am extremely excited about this game and have been scrambling to find a way to get into the beta. (My PAX plans were shattered)

    - Aion

    I want to be a beta tester because I have never been able to be a part of a successful MMO from day 1. I always hear stories from friends about "oh this crazy glitch happened in EQ" or "You'll never believe what you used to be able to do in WoW." I've always wanted my own experiences like that, but alas, being fairly new to the MMO scene has made it hard because I usually catch MMO's in their prime, or at their decline.

    I had decided before even seeing this thread to become a more active member on these forums (to help with the Day 1 MMO feel) and I just happened upon this, which gives me even more incentive to light up this forum - with meaningful comments of course!

    Computer Specs:
    Windows 7 Business 64-bit | Intel Core i5 750 | Asus P7P55 WS SuperComputer | Palit GTX460 1GB Sonic | Crucial 4GB 1333 | Kingwin 700w | Direct x11 | Fiber Optic connection

    Thank you for the consideration!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abigale View Post
    • Your experience as an MMO gamer
    • Your experience as a tester
    • Why you want to be a Rift Beta tester

    If you are interested in being selected as a Beta tester, please make a post in this thread telling us about these things. You should be honest, as we’ll be looking for people with lots of different backgrounds.

    We will also be looking at

    • Your contribution to the community (post count, post content, reputation, etc.)
    • Your ability to express your views (both positive and negative) in a productive way
    My MMO Gaming Career Thus Far

    I've been playing MMOs since, well, I can remember. If those old games by Mythic for AOL (Magestorm, the one with vampires) count, it's been since early middle school. I remember reading about EQ in an issue of Inquest (yeah, yeah; I was a TCG nerd too) and thought it sounded amazing. I had absolutely no idea what I was in for.

    I remember buying EQ at release and not realizing that I needed a video card. One 3DFX (lol) later, I was good to go. I made a high elf mage and I was floored just wandering around Felwithe. Before that point, I hadn't understood...but I did now. Later in the day, I made a Dark Elf Rogue and that was history. I remember thinking "thieves cant? thieves can't do what?"

    I was reeeeally hooked on EQ, but I was unfaithful. I tried both AO and AC. AC in particular hooked me for a bit, playing on Darktide. Today, that's the PVP golden age that I think back to; taking over towns, picking your weapon of choice wisely based on their armor, choosing your death items wisely. AO was a little more buggy, but I thought the concept of instancing was really cool.

    Next came DAoC. I was an Alb (I can hear the booing). I remember being hooked on the style-based combat, thinking it was almost like a fighting game. I didn't spend an eternity there, however, because great things were happening. I raided throughout Velious and it was amazing. Alas, Luclin hit and my aging computer didn't run so well and I quit for the time being.

    Without turning this into a book report, I spent a great deal of time in EQ2 and WoW at the raid level (about 3 years each) and made stops in AC2, CoH/V, Eve, SWG, War, AoC and Vanguard. I have played virtually every game to have a North American market presence. I do so because I feel that every successive title gives me more insight into the genre as a whole, and the things that are possible. I feel that this will help me grow as a player (gotta know how stuff works!) and as a prospective game designer.

    Testing Experience

    My first beta was WoW. I was amazed to see the inner workings of MMOs. Unfinished content, but also how it was tested. I watched the game change over time. Naturally, I dutifully filled out bug reports! :P I went on to test every expansion except the most recent (Cataclysm).

    My next major testing experience was in Vanguard. As part of Trinity, we were invited to test many raid mobs in a private setting across the life of the game. We reported directly to developers, one of which is on your team! Avarem, of course. I strongly believe that we helped shape the raid content in a positive direction.

    Why I should be a beta tester

    I want to be a Rift beta tester because I want to see a flawless launch. Too many AAA games are gathering steam and falling on their faces not long after release. I believe that these MMOs are plagued by lack of polish in high end areas. If we can get to that content and work it every which way, we can pave the way for those players on launch. In doing so, we can take Rift from a niche MMO (if launch fails) to a wild success (if it's successful). This, of course, is good for all players, but us raiders need the competition derived from a large population most.

    Computer Specs (brand spankin' new!)
    Windows 7 and DX11
    Cable connection
    Processor: i5 750 OCed to 3.5 ghz
    Ram: 4 GB
    GPU: 2x 460 GTX in SLI
    HD: 80g SSD
    Motherboard: p55 SLI FTW
    Keyboard: G19
    Mouse: Razer Deathadder (most comfortable mouse ever!)

    Well, now I'm just showing off...
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    I mean, I guess it would just be a guy who you know, grabs bananas and runs. Or, um, a banana that grabs things. I don’t know.
    Why would a banana grab another banana? I mean, those are the kind of questions I don’t want to answer.

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    Cool Rift Beta App!

    MMOs I've played: EQ1, EQ2, Vanguard, WoW, LoTRO, GW, Aion, AoC, Warhammer Online, DnDO, Anarchy Online.

    Of those, I have tested: All EQ2 expansions up to TSO, Vanguard, LoTRO, Aion, AoC, Warhammer Online, and DnDO.

    Why I want to test Rift: I have been checking out Rift for a while now with my fiance and I love it... especially the idea of dynamic content. My dream is to one day become a developer for a MMO, so I love testing MMOs and learning all I can about how they work. I want to test Rift because I have had a decent amount of MMO testing in my past, and I believe I can use that experience to help make Rift be the best it can be. If selected I promise to do my best to hunt down any bugs or glitches I can find and report them so they can get fixed. I enjoy testing all types of content: questing, mob slaughtering, tradeskilling, grouping, and raiding. I am also especially interested in testing out the mage classes and the unique class system. I meet the age requirements for the beta.

    My computer specs:
    Windows 7(64 Bit)
    6GB RAM
    Intel Core i7 @1.60GHz(8 CPUs)
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M(3793MB Total Video Card RAM), supports direct3D and shader 2.0
    171GB free hard drive space
    DirectX 11 installed
    Realtek HD Audio
    Have keyboard, mouse and speakers
    Have cable broadband internet
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    OK, lets see.. I have been playing MMORPG's for over a decade now.. Having said that, I feel I have a lot of experience with various games throughout that time...


    Diablo 2 - my very first experience with online gaming..
    Asheron's Call 2 - Beta Focus Group. (hand picked players who worked hand in hand on a daily basis with Dev's to report bugs and other issues.. Advanced in levels to experience end game content i.e Dungeons, Armor, Spells and crafting systems..)
    Horizons - excellent game .. Crafting was superior to that of any other game I have played IMO.. Very appealing.. However the adventuring aspect was not quite challenging enough..
    Lineage 2 - interesting game.. good combat, intense crafting system..
    WoW - I think this one is self explanatory..
    LotRO - not challenging enough on many levels..
    Vanguard - Beta tester - Thought this game would be played for years to come, but was very disappointed with bugs that continuously plagued the game..

    Age: Over 18.

    For system specs see Linolea's post above (same page).
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    Default Kalarax's Beta Application

    Here it goes

    Currently studying University in Australia, I am a 19 year old male. <-- age disclaimer ^_^

    I realize that I may be one of the younger players in the rift community but that does not mean my experience with playing and testing online games is any less impressive. I have participated in the:
    • WoW WotLK [beta]
    • Aion (all 4 closed betas phases & open)
    • Ferentus [closed and open beta]
    • Allods Online [open beta]
    • Aika [closed and open beta]
    • Fury [open beta]
    • Starcraft 2 [beta]
    • Heroes of Newerth [open beta]
    • BFBC 2 [closed beta]

    While these are the most of the beta's I have participated in, I have also played and enjoyed these mmo's:
    • World of Warcraft (3 years) - still playing
    • Aion (1 year) - still playing
    • Ferentus (6 months) <--- shut down to lack of funds
    • Allods Online (4 months) <--- Guild xferred to another game
    • Fury (3 months) <--- game shut down as the company went bankrupt
    • Aika (3 months) - still playing
    • Guild Wars - 8 months (got bored)
    • Rappelz - (5 months) - too grindy
    • Shaiya (2 years) - semi-active

    I have also sampled a further 10 - 20 mmo's that I wont list because I did not get very involved in them.

    I have tested many mmo's in my short lifespan and actively been submitting bug reports and even still report faults or glitches found in game when I play, even after the game has been in release stage. Just last week I found a duplicated NPC and reported it ^^ yay for examples

    My involvement in the rift community I would hope is noticed by at least a couple people, I have helped Ari a couple times with getting some issues in the podcast sorted out, been on the IRC a fair bit and I am also a moderator over at Rift Nexus. I initially lurked around the forums for about 6 months before finally registering and starting to get myself integrated into the community and I still actively post on topics that interest me.

    My post count isn't enormous but as abi said, you could post 100 times with 0 value or 10 times with a whole lot of value in each post.

    Why I would like to be in Rift Beta:

    I have been watching this game for a while and I feel that it is one of the most promising looking mmo's to surface in the past few years. The dynamic class system and dev interaction is absoultely amazing and something I have never before seen in a mmo to this day. I would love to run around the game world, exploring every little area, taking in all the breathtaking areas that abi mentions every week in the podcast. The game is obviously going to have some bugs in beta and the ability to put my self into the game world and help make the game as polished and awesome as I know it can be would be an honor.

    My Computer Spec's:

    Windows Vista Ultimate Edition (SP3)
    • 4GB System RAM or more
    • Intel® Core 2 DUO T9300 @ 2.50Ghz
    • 512 MB 9800GT Nvidia
    • 1 Terabyte hard disk storage space (about 800 gigs still available)
    • DirectX 9.0c (installed during setup if needed) (installed already)
    • DirectX 8.1 Compliant Sound Card - GOT ONE!
    • Keyboard, mouse, speakers (optional) - Razer Naga MMO Mouse, gaming headset
    • Broadband Internet Connection - ADSL2+ Connection (Internode) <-- my only trusted isp in australia

    //end sucking up//
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    MMO’s Played:

    • EQ
    • EQ II
    • WoW
    • Vanguard
    • LotRO
    • Age of Conan
    • Aion
    • WAR

    Beta Tested (closed):
    • WoW
    • Vanguard
    • LotRO

    Testing Experience + Why I want in Rift:

    Out of the three games I was in closed beta for I gave thorough feedback for WoW and Vanguard; LotRO just wasn’t my thing. For the most part my feedback was for itemization and the world itself; specifically the dungeons. I love dungeon crawling – finding all the nooks & crannies and discovering some of the lesser known spots. In WoW for example I gave feedback on Deadmines, Shadowfang, Sunken Temple, SM, Uldaman and BRD among others. I along with many other testers got some of the itemization changed in time for launch - with the exception of BRD which was always itemized poorly (although very well tuned). Other feedback was obviously just getting the bugs listed and getting the difficulty in tune with the level range. VG was a little tougher because the named mob spawn rate was extremely low in beta and I’d say around half the dungeons were not properly tuned by launch. But we did successfully complete and give feedback on the giant Infineum chunks/questline which ending up being the most finished and properly tuned area at the time. I have to admit I am much less interested in giving feedback on class balance since I tend to invest all my time into one or two characters. However, it will be interesting to see what crazy combos can be made with the soul system in the PvE environment.

    Dungeons (and overland group content) is why I want to be in Rift's beta. The first dungeon video you released looks very promising; it looks big with different areas to choose from - something curiously missing in WoW's recent single hallway dungeons. So if you want someone to test out your group content and itemization I'm your man!

    System Specs:

    Windows 7 Ultimate – fully updated
    Corei7 930 @ 2.66ghz (OC'd at 3.4ghz)
    GTX 460 1gb
    6gb DDR3 Memory
    Raptor HD 150gb + 500gb WD HD
    Directx 9.0c
    Sound Blaster Audigy SE

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    Cool Imas beta signup

    MMO Experience:
    EQ1 (4 years)
    WoW (2 years off and on)
    DDO (6 months)
    Vanguard (3 months)
    EQ2 (3 years)
    Horizion (3 months)
    Lineage II (3 months)

    (online games ... FPS)
    Planetside (1 year)
    Counter-Strike: Source (2 years)
    BattleField... all of them

    Beta exp:
    WoW open and closed beta
    Vanguard open beta
    DDO open and closed beta
    LineageII open beta

    Why do I want to be in the beta?
    As everyone else here is stating, the obvious reason is that I want to see the game early. Beyond this reason though, I feel a unique bond to a game when I get to see the content when it is fresh to everyone. That feeling of a new game or even an expansion... to go into a dungeon the first time and not know what to expect and figuring it out, all the bugs and qwirks that go with it. It's part of the experience that makes me and probably most gamers want more and more.

    Me as a person though I am detailed and results driven. Knowing what to look for and even trying to create or "break" an aspect of the game is what you want in beta, and I feel I can accomplish that through many years of experience.

    System Setup:
    AMDx2 4800+
    Nvidia GeForce GTX470
    100g free space minimal
    4gig ram
    WinXP (could install Win7 on my game machine if needed)
    G15 Keyboard / G5 mouse
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    Thumbs up

    Hi Abigale! We've all been waiting patiently for this announcement!

    My experience as an MMO gamer:
    I started playing MMO's in 2000 with EQ. I was brought to the game by a friend who I met playing Diablo 2, and I completely fell in love. The concept of "raiding" was brand new to me, and I can still remember my very first raid and how nervous I was. I played EQ on Prexus from 2000 to 2005, and off and on since, heading back to play the progression servers, and lastly the 51/50 server that popped up a while ago. I moved to EQ2 in 2004 when it launched and remained there for a time, but soon came back to EQ1 for another year or so. Following that, I jumped around from game to game for a while, checking out the genre to see what other games were like. I played Vanguard from 2007-2009 coming back twice since then to see how things were shaping up. After that I moved to WoW with my guild from Vanguard (Ascendence on Xeth server) and spent a good 9 months there raiding end-game. Played Aion and Age of Conan for short while, but couldn't find my groove in either. Currently, I'm not playing anything, unless you count the Rift forums!

    My play style has been group-oriented with solo play as needed, followed by end-game raiding as my focus once the leveling was done. I have experienced many games from the perspective of a guild member, raid leader, and guild leader.

    My experience as a beta tester, and why I wish to beta test Rift:
    I have had the privilege of beta testing both EQ2 and Vanguard during closed beta stages to help identify bugs and game play issues. My presence in EQ2 and Vanguard beta tests has been for the purpose of testing and testing alone. I do not apply for beta tests for every game that comes along in order to get a quick sneak peak, but rather to work in tandem with developers to help shape and polish a product that I have been following very closely, and could see myself enjoying for years to come. I have been following this game very closely since April, I have read all the articles, soaked up all the information that has been made available to us, including those lovely podcasts! I feel as though I understand the vision and direction Trion wishes to take this game, and I would like to help them get there. I wish to implement thorough and accurate testing in whatever area Trion needs testing in. I am a working professional, and am able to submit concise and accurate bug reports, testing results, and general feedback. I look forward to participating in this closed beta test, and whether I am selected or not, I wish the whole team at Trion and all the testers the best luck and congratulations as we move into this exciting new phase!

    My system specs:
    Windows 7 Home 64bit
    4GB System Ram
    Intel® Pentium® Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.4 Ghz)
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 1280MB
    150gb WD Raptor
    SoundBlaster X-Fi sound card
    Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers/Headphones
    Broadband Internet Connection
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    Giant hampster-wheel


    Experience with MMOs
    Star Wars Galaxies for 2 years
    Age of Conan for a year
    APB since launch if you want to consider it an MMO
    Warhammer Online for a year, quit and went back for 4 months
    World of Warcraft for 4 years
    Fallen Earth for a few months
    Dungeons and Dragons online for a few months
    Lord of the rings online for almost a year

    Testing Experience
    APB closed beta to launch
    World of Warcraft - every expansion they've made Ive been lucky enough to get into, but not the actual vanilla game.
    Fallen earth closed beta to launch

    Why do I want to join the beta?
    Ive played in a few closed betas and it always felt to me like I was helping ensure that the game had a smooth launch, even if only in a small way. These days many people only give a new MMO a quick trial and if they find it unpolished and buggy they tend to leave outright. This has severely damaged the communities of some games post launch because a large chunk of people don't give the game a chance. I feel like I'm helping prevent this sort of response from people when I report bugs or errors. I want the game to succeed and if there isn't an active community then there isn't a good game. That happened to WAR and I loved that game and I don't want to see it happen here. It sounds corny but my favorite games (WAR and Fallen Earth) have died out and are no longer fun to play because of lack of community. It sounds corny but there you go.

    System Req and age Req
    Over 18
    Windows 7 64 bit ultimate edition
    4 Gigs of ram
    AMD Athalon II x4 620 processor at ~2.6 Ghz
    Nvidia Geforce GTS 250 video card
    All the required accessories and Direct X functions with plenty of hd space.
    Many people dislike the ideal of evolution because they realize that if it were working properly, they would likely be dead.

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    • Your experience as an MMO gamer
    The Realm - few months
    Meridian - 1 year
    SWG - 4 years
    WoW - 2 years
    DAoC - 1 year
    Shadowbane - 1 year
    AoC - few months
    Darkfall - few months
    Warhammer - few months
    Fallen Earth - 1 year
    Champions Online - few months
    Star Trek - few months

    • Your experience as a tester
    Tera Online - FGT
    Fallen Earth - Alpha and Beta
    WoW:TBC - Beta
    AoC - Beta and FoA
    Star Trek - Beta
    Champions Online - Beta

    • Why you want to be a Rift Beta tester
    I love the concept, especially with the classes, and have really been looking for a good class based pvp game. I think that it would like to be in beta so that I can help balance out the classes for this reason. I enjoy pvp, and with this unique class system, I feel that that will need a lot of tweaking before release.

    Windows 7 x64 bit
    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @2.40Ghz
    6 gigs RAM
    Nvideo GeForce 8800 GT
    266 gigs of free space
    G15 Keyboard/Razor Mouse

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    Previous MMO experience:

    Guild Wars, briefly.
    WoW, left during WoTLK.
    Aion, from when it appeared until now.

    MMO testing experience:

    For MMO's, I've only ever been in the Open Beta portion of the testing phases (for Guild Wars and Aion). However, even though my input may have been less valuable at that point, I still sent in all my crash reports, surveys and suggestions on possibly not working gameplay or content.

    Why you want to be a Rift Beta tester:

    I'm interested in seeing the potential of this game, and the ideas the developers have for it, to be realised. With some of the ideas and systems presented and outlined by Rift so far, it seems like the implementation would be both interesting and difficult.

    Therefore, Beta testing is going to be an important phase, and I'd like to do what I can to help out, providing feedback, crash dumps or even just detailed notes on whichever aspect is required to be tested at that moment.

    I'm over 18, and below is a summary of the system requirements, and the values for my availible system.

    Operating System:
    • MS Windows 7 32-bit

    • 4.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2

    • Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6750 @ 2.66GHz

    • ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series

    • ADSL 2+

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