I am going to be unable to play Rift for a couple of months. I've been talking to support (Epic response times, thanks guys!) but I think they've answered the question, only I can't seem to find the options. Because of security concerns I normally use either Game Time Cards or a disposable credit card for online games. I currently have ~82 days of Game Time cards left from what I applied to my account. And about 3 or 4 spare GTC spare. I've run out before while playing so now I keep buffer stock

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I will be unable to play for a duration of time, but I've added a number of game-time cards to my account. Is it possible to

(a) reclaim the unused codes so I can re-apply them later OR;
(b) pause my subscription in some way so all the time I paid for doesn't run out without me being able to play

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Their first response said:

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<I apologize for the inconvenience however your new subscription starts on 06/02/2011 what you can do is cancel your subscription when you're ready to play again just sign in and add a new subscription.>
No idea why he is apologising, it was a simple, polite question

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Does this apply when my subscription has been setup with Game Time Cards and not Credit Cards? I have 82 days of play-time available that I will not be able to use and I'm loathe to lose that.
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From what you have indicated yes it will apply with the subscription being setup with the game time card.As for the 82 days its there for you to play until the subscription ends .We are unable to refund for the time card if you have a friend that plays the game you can give them the time card time
So how would you read that? My impression is that:

(a) I can cancel the subscription and then somehow re-apply them
(b) I can gift the game-time to a friend (Happy to do so) OR;
(c) The time is lost

Or is support not understanding and do they think the cards have not been applied? Which would be logical considering their answers thus far. Or I am not understanding the responses entirely.

Ah well. I'm giving it a last, blind stab. Is there anyone that has encountered something like this? I suspect the time is entirely lost, which would be a shame but not too bad.