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    Quote Originally Posted by Reser View Post
    Anyway somethign weird happened today for me, one of my characters that was created after River of Souls ended got a mail dated 05/05/2011 with all the river of souls stuff only people who created a character before river of souls were supposed to get.

    Aye I had this yesterday as well, went on my alt and some how had all the loot in the mail, yet I'd only been on said toon the day previously, with nothing in her mail. And she was rolled after the River of Souls
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    Default i got that too

    Considering i have four characters that i plan to quest with and one to store all my goodies i was surprised to find that the character i created after the event which i don't plan to quest with got the river of souls pack. Oh well, the 20 slot bag wroks out for now because my outfitter can't craft 20 slot bags as of yet.

    Like i was previously saying, it would be nice to see the river of souls mount that was being dropped during the world event along with the otherwordy sourcestone continue to drop.

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