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Thread: Harvesting/Gathering

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jorev View Post
    I never played VG, but I hope you are not suggesting that harvesting and crafting should require groups or guilds to acquire ingredients. Soloers should have equal access to all ingredients as well. Those needed for the best items would of course be harder to earn, dropping from more difficult mobs or harvested in more dangerous areas etc.

    You will alienate a lot of players if you make the mistake that SOE made when they added a higher tier of crafted items in classic EQ with the Planes of Power expansion, where ingredients were only available in raid zones. No soloer or small group player is going to be happy pursuing crafting to make only the lower 85% of possible items.

    VG did not require anyone to have to play in a group in any sphere. They did put things into each sphere though to make you want to play in a group.

    Harvesting gave you a slightly better yield if you had more people in a group harvesting the same node.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrocken View Post
    Shadowbane had some rare resource nodes that only grew in the lands of certain races. So guilds would set up their cities near them and try to monopolize the resources. This inevitably lead to some epic and amazingly fun open world and Guild vs Guild PvP as people were fighting over the resources.

    O I have so many fond memorys of shadowbane! And I do remember what you where talking about, fun stuff indeed.

    I deff would love to see them put some twists in to crafting to make it be harder to get certain things for the crafting.

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