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Thread: VIP giveaway discussion (not a actual giveaway)

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    Default VIP giveaway discussion (not a actual giveaway)

    So i was reading a vip giveaway post (i already have mine its just nice to see when people give an extra out to the forumers) and found a post of someone i thought really deserved it. the original post seems to be a lie and just somone looking at others responses without the intention of giving a key out sadly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tirium View Post
    Look at your key, now back at me. Now back at your key, now back at me. Sadly, I don't have your key. But I COULD have your key if you stopped using lady-themed contests and switched to Old Spice.
    What's in your hand? Back at me. It's your beta key and two thank-yous from myself and my guild.
    Look again.
    Now it is me returning the favor.
    Anything is possible when you give a dedicated tester a key.

    I'm on a buffalo.
    this guy here deserves a key no questions asked lol
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    Like the caption contest, they seemed to pick some really **** ones compared to those I saw got posted up. I dont need one either (thanks to a very nice forum member) but it just seemed kinda like they picked every 40th entry or something.

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