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Thread: Order of Mathos Rep

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    Default Order of Mathos Rep

    Order of Mathos rep is really slow, compared to the Dragonslayer Cov. 600rep per 6 dailies. The 5 250 rep dailies feel like they get you no where. Even Icewatch rep goes way faster, with all the quests in that region and such.. I want my breastplate!

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    Shut up and Grind darn you, what do you think this is, an enjoyable game? It's an mmo, that means you have to work for everything and grind it out like every single one before, whilst recieving 50 lashings of nerf bat on the way.

    By 'eck when I was a mere newb there was non of this graphics thingy or computerwebz, we had to talk to each other, so you can darn well grind like the rest of them

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    I found that in order to get the level 50 Ape-like mount (Najmuk?) you need glorified faction with Mathos. So from the tone of the OP, getting that mount will be tough.

    is there A dungeon that gives faction or is it all dallies?

    or is there somewhere to get that mount with out faction?

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    All I know is that as you get further and further up the rungs you have to take forever to gain the rep. What bout quests?

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    Completing 72/72 quests (not counting dailies) will gain you decorated faction about 1200 in.

    The way I understand mathos faction:
    Decorated 20K
    Honored is 35K
    Revered is 60K
    Glorified ???

    And the way it seems is each time you hit your goal you start over...so right now I am decorated faction with mathos...and when I hit 20k I will become honored. Then I have to grind 35K more faction to get revered then 60k more to get glorified. all in all from where I am now its something like 113 k faction.

    There is no dungeon besides the raid zone which gives mathos faction.
    The mobs:
    Solo mobs +2-5 mathos faction
    Elite mobs +10 mathos faction
    Raid mobs + 50 mathos faction

    The repeatables are worth 250xp.

    I figured it out to something like 80 days of grinding 6 faction quests per day to get enough faction to get the epic namjok. If you raid or kill mobs for hours, obviously this would be less.

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    Mathos is the most crushing grind for notoriety in the game at the moment.

    Mathos rep has a close-to-T2 chest that's rather nice and I was drooling on for some time and was looking forward to getting. But actually it turned out that I'm T2 equipped with a slightly better chest, have been for a while, and am only now about to hit Revered; there's no way at all I could see that I would have been able to get Glorified rep in time to actually buy it at a useful level. I do the dailies and when I'm bored I'm killing large quantities of the mobs that give notoriety and have started poking into the raid instance.

    In the end the reasons to actually grind it are for the highest level item-enhancement rune and for the mount which was quite disappointing because it seemed like such a nice chest when I first saw it in the vendor. The only scenario that I can see it being a useful purchase is the kind of gamer who does the dailies every day but never ever runs dungeons.

    The equivalent Iron Pine and Dragonslayer notoriety types are much more achievable as (until recently at least) they award more notoriety per daily, and also can be advanced by running dungeons.

    This is one example of several where the end of levelling rewards are too easy to advance past before you'd ever get any use out of them. The Planar vendors are another one. The level 45 epic items seem nice on the face of it but you're unlikely (at least in my experience on a lowish population server) to ever get the epic currency required to purchase them (I've never seen even 1 and I participate in a lot of invasions) and they really don't measure up against L50 epics or even blues a lot of the time.

    I would have expected the reward to be useful for entry level T1/T2 so that you can help prepare yourself for dungeon running. Instead it's entry level raiding, sort of useless for raiding (at least as a tank) without a whole lot of other items to support it that only come from dungeons, and unlikely to be achieved in any kind of meaningful timeframe.

    Expert rift rewards are the same; if you're running T1/T2 dungeons you're unlikely to find many examples of an upgrade (Lesser/Greater Essences aside) and you now need to be running T1/T2 dungeons to be opening them. This may improve if instead of going rifts -> dungeons -> expert rifts you're going rifts -> expert rifts -> dungeons per the post about the lure material drop locations changing. Maybe it's just my experience as a warrior/tank but it also seems like the itemisation is not very strong for tanks from Expert rifts (or dungeons, actually, I've never ever seen a tanking weapon drop, only ever 1 tanking ring and 1 tanking neck. Casters have what seems like dozens of options in the same space).

    Balance and progression path of the endgame Planar and Notoriety rewards really needs some work. Several crafting professions are very underrepresented there as well.

    But yeah, I digress, as I said before, regardless of the reward viability, Order of Mathos is a crushing grind compared to the others.

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    Trion needed a speed bumper, because game is too easy compared to any MMO on market in leveling, and there's like no end game content. They had to delay us somewhere. Here's their way. Grind in peace and wait until they come up with "hey, new instances & zones are here" news then notoriety gains will be much higher. Always happens same way in any MMO.
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    They ought to up the amount of notoriety gained from the repeatable quests. It's not like the rewards give an unfair advantage to anyone. I would just like the mount, everything else does nothing for me.
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    The Mathos rep is a very, very, long grind... makes earning the Wintersaber mount in WoW vanilla look like a ride thru a fast food window.

    You get 250 rep for dailys that combined can take over an hour (more if there are a lot of players competing for quest items and mobs) to complete.
    I want to continue doing them, but it's So daunting to think of 3 month rep grind... for an items that most likely will be of little to no use by that time, or to earn a vanity mount.

    Would it be too generous to give the 600 rep like with Dragon Slayers, and DS have a repeatable quest at 600 rep each, so you can gain quicker if you want to put in the time grinding mobs... but to be at the mercy of 250 rep per daily is just painful, worse than painful, punishing to the player who enjoys the game and then is roped in to a grind that's near unending... how long do you think it will take for me to view those dailys as something I'd rather stick hot pokers in my eyes than run it AGAIN?

    If that sounds dramatic, yes... but Trion needs to ask, do we Want dedicated players at that point? Do they want players hating what they do because a Trion thought it a good idea to punish those who like the game enough to do dailys and earn a mount or a piece of gear?

    Time for those who run the show to gather around the big wood table after lunch at Pizza Hut and give this issue a long sauce filled look!
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