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Thread: Why isn't the PvP soul a 4th seperate soul again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xPencilx View Post
    Because you have to have it. Instead of throwing together 3 classes of your choice, you basically have to use pvp soul + 2 other souls. Limits the amount of unique viable builds.
    No you don't "Have to have it" its up to you..
    I'm a Cleric, my PvP soul isn't really needed for anything else then healing..
    kk i can tell you right now that i'm sooooo gonna try another tree then just healing in PvP..
    And there is little if any use from my PvP tree for dps so well.. i don't need it
    can get other ability's that is more helpful from the PvE tree instead.
    and if they do implement that you can get the PvP tree as a standalone then i bet you that PvE players will whine about they not having a 4th tree for their raids. and that we should all be equals...
    what you have now is working great, nothing more is needed.

    Btw have you even gotten to level 50 and unlocked all of it and tried it?
    yeah there might be a few things that you would like at certain times in the PvP tree
    But you can also unlock more things in the PvE tree if u don't go into the PvP
    and there is a lot of things to chose from
    so people should really wait with this kinda stuff until they get to level 50
    get all the builds unlocked and try to mix it up..

    the straight forward way aren't always the best, you can mix and get really useful stuff if you just look into things

    **KK im not even gonna say if this is a good build or not i just looked into some survival some dmg whatever looked 30 sec into the build and clicked on randoms...**
    you get a bit of healing, get survival, and you get marksman dmg whatever.. dont know if it even works
    again 30 sec of random pick whatever thingy :P

    get a solid sabo dmg and the healing from bard.. kk i know sabo's hit hard..
    and you get the option to heal like a bard to if u wanna and thats nasty.. dont tell anyone otherwise
    Ive seen Bards beat Clerics in healing in WF's and ive seen Sabo's one shot people..
    whats there to hate?
    But again im a cleric i havent nearly tested any of this out so sorry i wont comment to much on it

    but there is no need to change anything that works nice now
    to be way to OP for some classes if they change the PvP into a solo spec.
    cause you have so much to pick from now so look into that first

    boosting PvP with making PvP soul stand alone will most certainly nerf PvE
    cause some classes will get to powerful in the PvE tree's that way
    and they would have to balance things out.

    So i'm sorry i wouldn't consider that an option, but hey thats just me.


    PS. i'm sure of that giving Clerics PvP tree standalone will boost their healing
    ALOT more then you would like it to be in PvP
    And i see people complain about clerics being hard to kill now..
    well don't come to me when 3-4 clerics can keep up an entire group of 20 people unless someone gets 1 shot.

    its already hard enough for people to take down a group with a good cleric and i know that to be true cause me and a mate stood fighting 5-7 people and it took 3 min before we where dead..
    cause the *noobs* dident work together like we 2 did
    and i guess they hardly had any experience in PvP at all

    :P sry for the long post
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    Gaara - Mage
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    Because Rift is already a PvP focused game, it's naturla there isn't anything special for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerlis View Post
    Because Rift is already a PvP focused game, it's naturla there isn't anything special for it.
    Can I have some of what youre smoking?
    This game is in no way PVP focused
    its PVE with a side of PVP
    Its easier to get what you want
    with a kind word and a gun
    then just a kind word--
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    i don't mind (much) that it is not a 4th soul. i do mind that apparantly the points from it are not seperate from the 66 points for pve spec.

    for some classes/souls it seems that speccing in pvp soul will criple you more than it benefits you.

    pvp advancement should be on top of pve advancement, not at the cost of pve advancement.

    i'm a pvp player and most of the time, i think pve in mmo's is something i want to get over with as fast as possible. this is the first mmo i actually enjoy the pve (the whole idea of dynamic pve is very well done) but i'm not impressed by the pvp advancement system at all
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kitsurin View Post
    By giving us a reward thats not gear? didn't you read.
    which STILL is no different to what we have as the reward is unlocking the tiers of the PvP anyway.

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