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Thread: Moonshade Highlands quest line

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    Default Moonshade Highlands quest line

    I'm having trouble with a part of the Moonshade Highlands quest line. I'm about 20 (of 75 I think?) quests in according to achievements, but I'm stuck on the quest requiring you to start up the 3 defense turrets and kill 8 defilers. However, each turret only kills one defiler before stopping and I can't attack the defilers myself. I've looked over about 3/4 of the map area as well and haven't found any other quests to work on. Any suggestions? There were a few others having this problem as well.

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    Default Same here

    With this broken quest, I can't find the next quest hub. I'm a sad panda...

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    Unfortunately they have made it so that many quests are not unlocked unless you complete a previous quest. I ran across quite a few bugged quests while leveling, some have been fixed, some haven't. The problem is that when the quest is bugged you can not unlock many other quests in the zone, which had me grinding out a few levels to make up for the quest xp loss.

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