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Thread: Colour changes on armour.

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    Default Colour changes on armour.

    Over 1600 posts and this is the very first thread i've started .... and it's going to be a pointless (probably already covered) one...... yay me.

    Righty ho on with my little gripe.

    I read in the patch notes about them "fixing" the colour changes that happened to armour when phasing.


    Seems it didn't quite fix.

    Every time I leave a warfront or go through a port'a'mathingybob my armour goes black with green trim and my Dwarf gets a lovely tint of green to his hair aswell.

    Like I said i'm not sure if it's been mentioned already i'm far too lazy to search.

    Well to be fair it's not really a gripe more of a "oi Trion, you missed a bit" post.

    Aaaaaand that is all

    Although after looking through the forums I feel I should add a whine aswell just to fit in ... er ... my eldest daughter makes a really crap cup of coffee, seriously it's like tar, you can chew it.

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    Default Respect.

    Dear Rawne,

    I understand this is not the correct way to respond to your thread but i couldn't seem to contact you via private message. If you feel fit, i wont be upset if you delete this after being read.

    I saw a few of your posts and you seem to be very intelligent. I noticed that you deal with things in a very neutral way instead of hostilely like most people these days and i honestly respect that. Just thought if let you know that there are people out there who are thankful for people such as yourself. I'm usually not one to do things like this, complimenting people, but you really seem deserve it; even if i don't know you. Kudos.


    Lord Blitzen

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