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    could we have updated 'prophecy of ahnket' pics instead of the old starfall prophecy ones?
    also, the mathosia and storm legion blank high res maps are lovely, could we have the same for nightmare tide and prophecy of ahnket?

    thank you

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    Default What happened to the phone app?

    I mean, I figure it got taken down due to people exploiting the freebies and/or minions. (I think minions were part of it for a short time? I was on hiatus most of NMT so I can't tell for sure)

    But could we get back the part that gives access to guild chat? That was infinitely useful.

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    It got taken down because management decided the cost of maintaining it was too high compared to the return it provided. IE, a normal business decision.

    It never had minions.

    Guild chat was indeed very useful. As a replacement, try Discord, which has voice, and chat, and a phone app.

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