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Thread: Mount Idea

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    Default Mount Idea

    I too have been pretty annoyed by the fact that low-level mobs can one- or two-shot me off my 60% mount in Rift (supposedly the 60% is deliberately fragile and the faster ones can take a beating). One of the points of being pummeled and thrown off the mount is to make sure the players actually use the roads. It got me thinking and I have an idea:

    All roads in the zones could automatically give you a temporary buff when you enter one. The buff makes your mount a lot sturdier while riding on the road (it gets more “confident” because of the clear view of the road). While on the road, enemies will have a harder time throwing you off. As soon as you leave the road to ride through an enemy territory, the temporary buff is gone.

    I imagine it wouldn't be easy to implement from a technical standpoint. It would probably require having to encase all roads in a "buff zone" or spread invisible trigger breadcrumbs on them (each having a trigger aura so that they overlap each other).

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    I have actually canceled my subscription due to the mount/mob agro system. I personal love everything else about the game. But the current system just pissess me of.

    I have the Epic mount gray mobs dismount and chase me. lvl 10 mobs dismounting me is pure annoyance i see no reason for it. I also noticed no dif between the dif lvl mounts on dismounting chance. So dont waste yer plat on the Epic one its not worth it.

    Whoever created the current mount/mob agro system should have been shot at birth and there parents castrated. IT SUCKS.

    Anyways cya in a couple of months when they fix this or if they dont Good Luck Rift.
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