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Thread: PvP: Large scale or small scale battles, and battles against the odds. (wall of text)

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    Default PvP: Large scale or small scale battles, and battles against the odds. (wall of text)

    Yes, be prepared for a wall of text.
    These are my considerations for specific PvP design challenges in any MMO - as the title of thread says.

    Large scale = zerg vs. zerg (a total of 20-100 players in battle)
    Small scale = group vs. group or fewer (a total of 4-10 players in battle)
    Against the odds = few vs many ( 3 players vs. 5 players)

    I’m concerned that Telara PvP is gonna be a mess. My perception of Telara PvP is that it was something they decided to have in the last minute. I’m happy though that they DID – again I feel PvP and PvE is like Yin and Yang, they need eachother.
    But developers will have to balance the PvP mechanics for players to have a succesfull PvP experience.

    One pitfall/dilemma in PvP is the aspect of having large scale or small scale battles. I personally prefer small scale PvP, it feels much more dynamic in my opinion. However I believe there are also players out there who enjoy large scale PvP (correct me if I'm wrong).

    Usually – if not always - it is small scale battles that lack, and large scale battles that are in the plenty!!

    It would be nice though, to please both crowds - not only for the sake of us, the players, but also for TRIONs figures on the bottom line. More customers, more money.

    Another challenge is balancing the advantage of superiority in numbers i.e. battles against the odds (few vs. many). Of course there should be an advantage by having a superior number of players, but there should be room for people playing against the odds, having a possibilty to win by playing skillfully with numerous crowd control abilities. I don’t mean I-WIN buttons, but balanced abilities that can be countered with other abilties. (Mez and demez i.e.)

    There are several game design aspects that determine whether PvP battles will be large scale or small scale. Most important of all, Telara should try to avoid the pitfall of having only (in my opinion very boring) zergmode PvP! I’m not saying that large scale battles shouldn’t exist, they should indeed, but so should small scale.

    My considerations for:

    1) Map design:
    Maps for large scale: Open view field with a broad line of sight or narrow long map with no places to hide .
    Maps for small scale: Maps with many intersections and terrain blocking the view - creating hiding places for small scale groups. In scenarios/battlegrounds: Incitament to go to several areas, forcing the large groups to break up into smaller groups.
    Suggestion: Several different maps with both PvP styles in mind should be considered. I'm not sure both gaming styles can be obtained on the same map.

    2) PvP rewards creating incitament:
    There will always be an advantage in being many vs. few. But implementing the right rewards for being few may change peoples playing styles into more small scale fights.
    Suggestion: Balance the incitament between small scale and large scale battles. Incitament created from PvP rewards when being few players, should MATCH the incitament created by the advantages in having superiority in numbers.
    The correct PvP reward system should be able to satisfy both gaming styles.

    3) Combat systems: Crowd control:
    Weaken the advantage of superiority in numbers by having effective dynamics in the abilities for crowd control (Mesmerize, Stagger, Sleep, Sheep, Nearsight, Stun, Root, Snare etc.) – make sure they are not overpowered abilities by having counter abilities to break the crowd control.
    Suggestion: Implement and balance crowd control and counter abilities.

    4)Combat systems: "Interrupts": The ability to interrupt spells being cast. This requires spell casting classes to position themselves strategically and use abilities strategically. Creating a dynamic combat system, that requires more than pushing an I-WIN button.

    5) Combat systems: PvP death and ressurrection:
    Fast unlimited ressurrection will create an extreme advantage in having superior numbers. In order to win a fight it is necessary for the underdog to kill the enemy all at once - and not one at a time, which would be the only way the few would have a chance against the many.
    Fast and unlimited ressurrection will also result in very very long tedious battles when facing equal numbers.
    Suggestion: Limit ressurrection and balance it.

    6) I dunno, there are so many aspects of PvP:

    A general suggestion for game developers when balancing the game - work together with representatives of your PvP community. Afterall they're playing the game.

    Thank you reader for not falling a sleep if you've read all the way to here.

    Anyways, these are just some considerations I did, and that I felt I had to share.
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    Well, most games have small scale scenario's of 2-3 groups in them, large scale zerghammer gameplay is just dull. Its the ganking that you should be after tbh...

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