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    Default Fae Yule 2020 - Guide

    Greatfather Frost has arrived and brings back Fae Yule for 2020! You can find more information and a detailed overview of all the new items >>HERE<<!


    The event will have three distinct phases that start on the following dates:

    - Phase 1: Thursday 10th of December at 15:30:00 local server time - First Weekly Quest available.
    - Phase 2: Thursday 17th of December at 15:30:00 local server time - Second Weekly Quest available.
    - Phase 3: Thursday 24th of December at 15:30:00 local server time - Third Weekly Quest available.
    - End of the event: Thursday 7th of January at 15:30:00 local server time - Event ends.

    By pressing the little button on the right side of your screen (where it names the current phase), above your quest log, the following windows opens, where you can see the current phase:


    Participate in Fae Yule festivities all over Telara to earn Unique Snowflakes and Dark Icicles, which you can trade in for items!

    In order to pick up daily- and/or weekly quests, you can visit one of the locations below:

    Meridian: You can /setwaypoint 6197 5185 to navigate there.

    Sanctum: You can /setwaypoint 7374 3073 to navigate there.

    Tempest Bay: You can /setwaypoint 12765 11574 to navigate there.

    Remember: You can complete a phase's respective weekly quest only during that phase. The weekly and dailies for each phase will be different!

    There are many more activities to discover, such as sledding in Iron Pine Peak. To go there, talk to the NPC and enter the portal right next to the NPC in one of the capital cities:

    Sanctum: You can /setwaypoint 7426 3140 to navigate there.

    Meridian: You can /setwaypoint 6169 5224 to navigate there.


    You can trade in your Fae Yule currencies by visiting the Rift-Shop ingame (Click the shop button which is within the menu bar bottom left on your screen). There you will find a special category named Fae Yule, where you can either trade in your event currencies or credits:

    As with every world event, Fae Yule comes with a set of achievements linked to it. To find all Fae Yule related achievements, visit the World Event window (described above in the Where? section of this guide) and press the "Achievements" button:

    We are wishing you a lot of fun discovering everything and happy holidays, Ascended!
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