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  Click here to go to the first Rift Team post in this thread.   Thread: Dimension Contest - Build your own Sports Event!

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    Community Manager Elariok's Avatar
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    Feb 2020

    Default Dimension Contest - Build your own Sports Event!

    Dear community,

    unfortunately, due to the current worldwide situation, it is impossible to take part in sporting events and many have been even canceled!

    Therefore, let us build our own Riftesque 'sports event' (or the single components needed for one)!


    The 'what' is pretty simple: build anything that is related to any type of sports event! You have an idea about how to create a gigantic ball? Or a winner's cup? As long as the dimension you are building is somehow related to sports, or a sports event, it is allowed to participate in the contest. In addition, size does not matter, just let your creativity run wild!

    You have until September 18, 2020 14:59 PT/21:59 UTC/23:59 CEST to submit your dimension in this forum thread. In order to participate, you must state your character's name, server and dimension name in the post of participation. In addition, you have to add a screenshot that briefly previews your dimesion.

    Similiar to the 'what?' - there is no restriction regarding the 'location'. Feel free to use any Dimension/Dimension-Key you think fits best for your idea/concept. You are also allowed to enter the contest with an old build. So, if you have something that fits just perfect, don't hesitate to participate!

    In addition to the top 3 prizes below, we are going to award a Dark Levitation Supply Crate for every 'honorable mention' that was close to but did not make it into the top 3.

    1st Place:
    • 1x Power Pack of your choice
    • 30 Day Patron Pass

    2nd Place:
    • 1x Power Pack of your choice
    15 Day Patron Pass

    3rd Place:
    • 1x Power Pack of your choice

    Conditions of Participation:
    • The general rules apply to this event.
    • You can only participate once per forum account and player.
    • Only one participant may enter and win the reward, creations should be made solely by this individual.
    • You must indicate your character's name, server and the name of the dimension in the post of participation. In addition, you must add a screenshot that briefly previews your dimension!
    • The deadline for general participation in the event is September 18, 2020 at 14:59 PT/21:59 UTC/23:59 CEST.
    • The decisions of the team members are final.
    • The prizes that are stated above are 'community-overlapping' among participants of all communities (DE/FR/EN).

    Have fun!
    Your Rift team
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    Hello! There's already a dimension contest going on, maybe if you and the company you work paid attention you'd know this. Overlapping dim contests are a great way to burn out your dimming players that do contests. That being said, good luck to anyone that enters!
    May the frogue be with you.

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    RIFT Fan Site Operator Kitasia's Avatar
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    May 2011


    So awesome. I for one think the is very cool. It will give builders who do not normally enter contests due to how hard we are on judging a super chance to be seen. I say come one come all. These guys are just as new at judging as many are at building.

    I say let's show these new CMs some super dim love. Let US show them how nice the community can actually be. Maybe then we can be the ones to open the door communication and a better understanding of Rift.

    Plus what sporting event would be complete without the challenge of two teams (Contests) to challenge our stamina.


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    Telaran Catriana's Avatar
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    May 2011

    Default Greatly disappointed once again...

    I know this may not be the popular opinion but, while I do not object to the contest idea, it once again shows the disconnect between company and community. While a few will embrace "give me more dims!" It is very true that a number of ppl will totally burn out on multiple contests and this does not help playership or attendance in the long run. This is the same type of mentality that created Rift Prime and splintered the already tenuous player base.

    This type of unthoughtful promotion very much makes me want to say goodbye permanently to Rift instead of taking a much needed break from dimensions which I am doing atm.

    I need to take time to settle my feelings concerning this and the current dimension contest I am hosting, which you can find easily posted on the forums, discord as well as the main Rift supporting websites.

    Dimensions by CATT - FB: "Underdwell of Val Argonax" by Cattrianna, "Elemental Wanderings" by Cattrianna, "The Crucible Pt1: Exodus" by One Cat Short of Crazy, "Three Sisters Water Temple" by Fancyfeast / GB: "Inferno's Respite" by Catastrophie / DW: "Crucible Pt2: Odyssey" by Cattails

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    Plane Walker Clowd's Avatar
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    Please take the time to promote and support Catriana's contest here:


    Both are great concept for contests! The community should coordinate. We're here to work together. Players and devs working together has been an important part of Rift's history.
    Rift Datamining, dev chatter, news, and occasionally guides at The Ghar Station
    Chat with us at The Ghar Station Discord or visit us on twitter @TheGharStation
    Want something focused completely on Rift? Then join us over at the Heroes of Telara Discord!
    Clowd@Greybriar / Anadriel@Greybriar / Neganta@Greybriar

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    Rift Disciple Grimmsie's Avatar
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    A kind request to move the Sports Event dim contest to a later date or longer deadline please! Building even a seemingly small object that you named in the contest description takes time and thought and it's a process, a lot of us dimensioners are currently invested in the Midsummer contest (I'm about to come out of the closet with what I am building for weeks now :P) so it's really not a good timing to overlap it like that.

    Please, please, consider the voice of community!

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    Jan 2020

    Default To Rift team--Build your own Sports event

    I have just entered my first contest, The Midsummer Contest. I am excited at this entry and plan on joining more later. I can not do this event your hosting, due to RL. I think it is excellent that you are hosting a contest, and since one of your players Cattrianna has posted a contest, I think some support should be sent her way from you.

    I have played since 2012, and have loved Rift. I love the quest, Rifts, and dimensions. I hope to see you supporting your players with future contest also and a connection between your customers and the game. More contact with your customers, perhaps even away to deal with our issues other than just a forum would be nice.

    The contest: If it were possible I would join your Sports Contest, but since I can not, I do hope to see you hosting more contest in the future.

    Rift is an excellent game, if you do not actually have someone in your employment that plays I suggest you get someone. This game is amazing, so so much you can do in it. The customers you have are very informed on the game also and have great ideas to help the game flourish even more ( one idea: we can only have 20 dims, BUT if there is a dim we want to delete there is no way to do this or override it with a newer dim)

    Please post more contest, please consider helping an supporting players who are doing contest and perhaps even get in touch with players and actually talk with them.

    Thank you Slaias@deepwood

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    Community Manager Elariok's Avatar
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    Feb 2020


    Hey everybody,

    thanks for all the feedback regarding the contest (not only here, but also via PMs and in Discord).

    We decided to extend the deadline of the "Build your own Sports Event!" until September 18, 2020.

    In order to keep this thread clean, feel free to PM me any further feedback regarding the contest.

    Also, make sure to check out Catriana's Midsummers Medieval Madness - Summer Dimension Contest 2020!

    Have fun and good luck to y'all!

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    Champion of Telara Refuge's Avatar
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    I know I haven't been active of late. Life, computer access and more lame excuses.

    I'm still very much looking forward to Cattriana's dim contest, and I also appreciate you extending the deadline for this one in response.

    There have been competitions in the past that ran simultaneously and the community accepted this was completely fine, as it was unfair to push one out for the other. Players just chose.

    Saying this with such a small community left, and with the complete lack of faith in 'community managers', this was yet another bad move to a long list of bad moves. Particularly as this current one has been outright ignored let alone not supported.

    We don't expect much anymore, but it doesn't take much to get the remaining few things right..
    Fwob - Zaviel

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    Prophet of Telara
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    I just read that you allow old builds, here's a pretty old one I'd like to enter (also, to get this going, I hope ;) We had much less options building wise, and less space too in the olden days, I just had a look, it's from Summer 2015...

    Shard: Brutwacht
    Character/Owner: Alliandre
    Dimension Name: Telara Wrestling Federation

    It was a really fun (for me, at least!) build I made dedicated to Dimensiondiva from Wolfsbane

    Dimension Contest - Build your own Sports Event!-2020-06-17_181321.jpg
    Dimensions on Brutwacht by Alliandre, Luisa, Alliendre, Kattima, Samrahia, Jaodya, Maegwynn, Guild "Stadtwache", Guild "Mules", Guild "Schlumpftastisch", several Collabs with different people - NEW: "The Headless Horseman" by Maegwynn, "Monkey Island 2", Collab on Chuliana, "Stuck at Rabbit's House (Alli)" on Jaodya

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