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Greetings, Ascended!Prepare your weapons and ready yourselves; season six of Battle Pass is live now!The sixth season will be live from Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 12:00pm server time, until March 18, 2021 at 16:30pm server time.What can you look forward to? Here is an overview of the new Battle Pass season – Typhoon of Doom:Daily Battle Pass Quest Changes:- Rare Mob hunt requirement reduced from 6 to 2- Celestial Rare Mob hunt requirement reduced from 5 to 3- Zone specific Rift quests requirement reduced from 5 to 3- Artifact harvest (Normal difficulty) reduced from 10 to 5- Artifact harvest (Hard difficulty) reduced from 50 to 10- Zone specific Zone Event quest difficulty increased from Normal to Hard (3000 BPXP)- Kill PVP-flagged players quest requirements reduced from 100 to 15 for Hard difficulty- Kill PVP-flagged players quest requirements reduced from 50 to 10 for Normal difficulty- Added more zone variety for Rift closing quests, and Zone Event quests.- Replaced the Random Expert Dungeon daily with a dual quest. This quest will always appear in the daily pool. The quest requires to either:- Complete a Random Expert DungeonOR- Win a Random WarfrontWeekly Battle Pass Quest changes:- Close planar Rift quest requirements reduced from 25 to 15- Foothold hunt requirements reduced from 25 to 15- Rare Zone Mob hunt requirements reduced to 2, regardless of the zone- Burning Artifact harvest requirement reduced from 45 to 20- Added quests for harvesting different types of artifacts (Any, Unstable, Twisted, Poison, Nightmare). Quantities vary depending on the artifact type- Instant Adventure quest requirement increased from 25 to 40- Kill PVP-flagged players quest requirements reduced from 1000 to 100Battle Pass Merchant:- Added Artifact Set from the Legion of Corpses Season- Added the Patron Summon Banker ability from the Legion of Corpses Season- Added the new Crown of the Typhoon Duchess and the Dimension Kit: Sky City Structures- Added a new Minion, Ventus the Prophet, to the Battle Pass vendor Huckster Ratioskr in Tempest Bay. Collect and complete the "Typhoon Hunter" Artifact Set from the Battle Pass Season 6 to unlock it for purchase using Expertise Shards.Reminder:- After the Battle Pass Season is over, players will have 7 days to claim all pending rewards. During this time, players can acquire the Battle Pass and claim all regular tierrewards.Rewards:
Sky Overseer Ascension of the Typhoon Duchess
Free:• Artifact - Storm Surge• PD Item - Air Oculon Eye• Fisher’s Friend• Artifact - Hurricane Essence• Rune Unsocketing Apparatus• Artifact - Arcane Barometer• PD Item - Air Oculon• Artifact - Blizzard Spell Scroll• 1 Dungeon Charge• A bag of 100 Planar Pellets• Artifact - Prevailing Storm Winds• PD Item - Typhoon Fan• Sack of Dungeon Currency• Artifact - Squall Reports• Underwater Mount Training• Large Sack of Currency• Artifact - Bottled Supercell• Bundle of Upgrade Components• Artifact - Heavy Rain Extract• Normal Artifact Tracking Vial• Upgrade Component Bag• Artifact - Weather Control Spell ScrollPremium:• PD Item - Sky City Gargoyle• Gaze of the Typhoon Duchess• 7x Credits (2x100, 1x150, 1x200, 1x250, 1x300, 1x400)• 2x Affinity (2x100)• A bag of 100 Planar Pellets• Imperishable Wind• Nimble Feet• Celestial Crafting Rift Lure: Air• PD Item - Electric Grounds Effect• Transcendent Experience Vial• Relic Opie’s Artifact Stash• Orb of Loyalty• Static Charge• Bundle of Upgrade Components• PD Item - Portal Fumes Effect• Unstable Artifact Tracking Vial• Fractus Jump• Poison Artifact Tracking Vial• Exceptionel Crafting Skill Boost• PD Item - Floating Powered Fan• PD Item - Floating Platform Device• Title - Writ of the Typhoon Duke• Mount - Sky OverseerPatron:• Epic Opie's Artifact Stash• Upgrade Component Bag• 8x Dimension Kit: Sky City Structures• Relic Opie's Artifact Stash• Sack of Dungeon Currency• 2x Affinity (2x100)• 2x Large Sack of Currency• 2x Brevanic Portal Battery Reset• Large Sack of Starfall Currency• Patron Skill - Banker Skin (Perm)The Dimension Kit: Sky City Structures has a chance of containing the following items: • Sky City Docks• Sky City Walkway• Sky City Windmill Station• Sky City Noble Building• Sky City Noble Great Building• Sky City Fishing Device• Sky City Noble Dock• Sky City Machine• Sky City Blimp• Sky City Blimp StationHappy gaming!Best wishes,your Rift team!
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