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so an entire day off seems like a blip to a dev but to a gamer, especially retired disabled ones sitting in front of a PC all day playing their favorite game it is eternitythe nickle and dime compensation packs need to endI am thinking along the lines of the last one in Hulk mode-Trove of Captured Intel-Trove of Individual Reward Charges-Trove of Transcendent Vials-Legion Datagram Cache-Storm Cell-Cosmic Core-Stellar Core-Trove of Challenger MarksI mean seriously at three years into the expansion at no cash loss to you for giving it to us how could this even possibly break the game, just make people happy, it goes a long way in your favor to improve morale
Thank you for the ideas and feedback, we are figuring out a compensation for yesterday's extended maintenance. We did not expect it too take much of the day, but ran into unexpected issues during the process. This was very all hands for our team working early morning to late at night, it would have been nice to have the day off though, hah! Regardless, we don't like downtime for all our players and hope for a smoother overall experience in the future.More news on compensation will be coming soon as we are still resolving several other issues with logging in.
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