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Just a quick PTS update this week. We are about to start in on the final balance pass of these cleric changes, which means reading through internal tests and seeing how those stack up with the test results from players on PTS. If there is something with the cleric changes that you find as bugged or you fear will be broken, please do not hesitate to call it out again so the team can address the issue. Thanks again for all the feedback and discussion that has occurred around the changes.General:
  • Fixed a bug with Opie's Artifact Stashes that prevented them from trying to award an uncollected artifact if possible.
Warrior – Warchanter:
  • Comradery now properly reduces the cooldown of Encouragements when using finishers other than Suvivor’s Slash.
Mage – Archon:
  • Lava Field no longer applies its buff to Pets or NPC allies.
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