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PTS has been updated again, the new notes found below have been added to the initial post as well. Thanks for all the feedback, every bit helps! Cleric: Overproliferation now increases the effect of spell power on Eruption of Life by 16% and 32%. Removed the portion Eruption of Life and Overproliferation’s tooltips that referenced stacks. Primalist: Updated Primalist level 64 Mastery Heavy Handed to reduce critical chance as specified in tooltip. Primalist - Farseer: Reduced healing of Impending Fate by 50% in PvP. Reduced healing of Fortune Protection by 50% in PvP. Misc: The EP3 Gear Merchant now sells a new Gear Box, this box contains DPS gear from Bastion of Steel based on your current calling. Daily Rewards Calendar: As the initial part of the daily calendar revamp some rewards have been altered based on player feedback.
  • Opie’s Artifact Stashes will now attempt to give you an artifact that you have not collected yet, when possible.
  • Primal Planarite Cache contains more planarite for most level ranges.
  • The Individual Reward Charge from Day 14 has been changed, it is now a bind to account item that does not stack. When consumed the item will grant an individual reward charge, it does not extend the cap of 100 charges and charges in excess of 100 will be lost.
  • Day 5 now drops 1,000 Celestial Remnant instead of Voidstones.
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