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Note: We actively collected your questions and concerns on the HoT Community Discord and made sure the prioritization matched across platforms so everybody is heard. Greetings, Ascended! Thank you all for taking the time to write out your questions regarding Rift and the future we have planned for it. We are also very appreciative of your patience while waiting for a response to these questions. The delay was caused by our recent expansion of the Community Management team and the placement of additional Product Managers on Rift– we assure you that this delay was for the good of the game. We decided to address your questions and concerns in a team letter crafted by the whole team instead of harshly answering each question separately. Rift has a special place in our heart and is one of our top games, so we are not surprised that you are curious as to what we have in store for you. Traditionally, we released large expansions once every 1.5 to 2 years; that is quite a long time to wait between releases. Going forward, we plan to release new dungeons, raids, quests, and levels more quickly, without having to wait for everything to be amassed into one large expansion. This also means that class balancing for PvE and PvP, addressing specific callings, souls, abilities and items, will happen incrementally. Right now, we also have a few long-term plans for refinements that you’ve been asking for:
  • Daily Calendar Revamp
  • Battle Pass Season 2 (including a quest reroll feature!)
  • Refining the planar fragment system
  • Evaluating the critical chance % for planar fragments
In the meantime, here is what is planned for the near future (next several months) to further improve game play:
  • Call to Action: Unicornalia,
  • Planar Fragment Price Changes
  • Seasonal Events such as Summerfest.
  • We also plan to continue running our Call to Action (CTA) events on a biweekly basis, currently scheduled to run up until Summerfest starts and resume after the seasonal event ends.
  • Reduced costs for the planar fragment system
Our plan for bringing new players into RIFT is by leveraging social media to foster organic growth. To meet this end, we’ve bolstered the RIFT community management team with two additional TBA Community Managers and hired a new Head of Community Management. With the added team members, we will eventually resume regular streams and other actions to draw new players into the game. With the new Head of Community Management taking the reins, improved communication between developers, the Community Managers and the Players is ensured in the future. Thank you all again for taking the time to write and to communicate your questions and concerns with us, we look forward to continued correspondence with you all. Your RIFT Team
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