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A 6 hour update during daytime in EU..once again Zyra and Trion have outdone themselves in being totally and utterly stupid, its as if you never learn..DO UPDATES DURING NIGHTTIME. It's not enough we have to endure all this downtime every other day, but now apparently we also have to sit around for 6 (yes unbelievable amount of time) hours all because Trion can't hire competent staff.
First of all I'd like to thank you for the feedback. However, as others said, we do believe 9 AM is a better time than starting a maintenance during prime time. Second of all, I am a very patient person. I do understand that most of you guys are upset because you care. However, this gives you no right to be disrespectful. I'm saying this not only as your Community Manager, but also as a normal human being. We should be decent to each other. I will be closing the thread now. Best regards.
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