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Hey, don't sweat it. We have come to expect with Trion poor planning and foresight, no reason to think it would change just because gamigo has it now. But seriously, how did you not know these issue? You guys hinted back in Dec this was coming and many of us voiced issues then on these very forums. Were you guys not paying attention beforehand? I know we have new people that have no clue as to how the game evolved to where it is now. How they sold certain services in a way to encourage you to give Trion money so you had the option to buy more chars and now you are just going to force some of us to have to delete them. No excuses for Archonix, he has been around since the beginning. He knows all the ins and outs of this game. He personally was responsible for a good chunk of the player base leaving. I am sure since I have made a complaint against him my post will be deleted and will get a forum ban. That is how everything was run back then, no reason to think that has changed either. I was always afraid to say anything too negative on these forums in fear of retribution, that is really sad that you have made some of your customers feel this way. But I do not care anymore now. I have spent many thousands of dollars on this game with many accounts, despite how the players were treated, the game play getting worse and lack of any real development, I have stuck around. I have bought 2-4 of all your DLC packages and every single mount you threw at us. Those of us who have the most chars stand to lose the most from this, we have been your most devoted loyal customers despite the poor treatment that we have received. No, I do not think you guys did. You need to think really long and hard on what you are doing here. The past actions caused this game to get where it is now, a shrinking player base that can barely sustain itself. You keep going on this track Rift will end up like Atlas Reactor.
With all due respect - I appreciate any input on this since the community is one of (if not the) the most important aspects of a game. I understand where you're coming from, but in no way can we change the past now, can we? All we can do is make it better, and that's where we're aiming at.We also heard you regarding your characters and we'll do what we can.I give credit to you that you're not believing it (considering the past and how it has been going on some parts up until now), but I can tell you we did take it heart and we do care.
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