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BAN all the Haters that target Harass Jenni@TyphiriaI have seen so many people targeting Jenni@Typhiria, it's bloody appalling to see how many people are attacking this deaf person with disabilities, this community should all be ashamed of themselves, I have had the privilege to watch at a distance and observe all the crap that this person has been taken, I bet most of you are adults but yet you all act like children, I even saw this kind of rude actions in Ghar Discord & HoT Discord, I will never join those type of communities that treat people with dis-respect. I suggest you alter the rules in this game and ban all those who targets Jenni@Typhiria / I also would like to see a GM or DEV presence in the game so watch how crude people can get.
Hello.While I appreciate your engagement in keeping the community healthy, this is no way how to do it - a lot of your posts here seem just plain defamatory.If you wish to report players for their misbehavior, please do so in a ticket via Customer Support and not here and not like this.I hereby refer to our Code of Conduct and will close this thread.Best regards.
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