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It would still be nice to have an article about it, stating the intentions of the system, how it works, examples of what quests there are, screenshots of the rewards and so on and so forth. Not everyone comes to the PTS and not everyone reads these forums. If you make an in-depth article like most gaming companies does for new major features, and put that article in the launcher, more people will see it, more will read it and a lot more will actually understand it. But if you just settle for the announcement post saying "this new thing is available for testing" and then release it, most people will have no clue whatsoever about it. And then they won't care. And that is a problem!I mentioned this in another thread, but it is worth repeating
Hi, you are right.^^The CM team is currently working on more detailed information, we just wanted to provide quicker information in the meantime. Sorry about that.
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