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The two contests put forward by the office were not on the blog but the Discord one is.
However it creates uncertainty as to why this team didn't issue news on the blog then forums for Rift Prime closure (as an example) - it simply would not happen in ArcheAge/Trove like this encouraging concern of who is over seeing this team & why is this occurring?
The mount sale is not on the blog as another example yet on Trove & ArcheAge blog all sales appear.
Regarding this I can tell you the following: blogs were mainly done by Fasti, as he is the one most familiar with all the tools. However, he did the blogs for every game (except for AA I think), which can be time consuming. Concerning Liluri and me - we now feel more comfortable with doing them and will do so. We appreciate your feedback regarding this and will certainly take notes. Thank you!
Putting it bluntly the ball is continuing to be dropped for Rift and I'm honestly unsure how any business can feel ok not introducing themselves after 5 months. It is rude.
I'm not quite sure I understand this one. What do you mean with introducing and what do you suggest we should do/should have done? (Again, just in case, not trying to be ignorant, I just don't understand what you mean.)
I've seen Marko set up Livestreams, a Christmas message from the ArcheAge team, a picture of 5 girls for Trove team (would be great to know whose who) as well as Dev events in game/on PTS - but this loud silence over here.
To be fair, there is some internal stuff I cannot tell you regarding all of those points. Liluri and me are aiming for streams, though you have to consider we have never done that before and want to make sure we will be comfortable in doing so (and have approval of course, though I don't think that will be an issue).Short fun fact: Liluri can be seen in that Trove post. Please keep in mind though, that it should be up to everyone for themselves if they show their face or not. (I, for example, didn't feel comfortable being in the Trove picture, so I was the one taking it.)
How do customers feel good about supporting Rift if we don't know the people behind it and it doesn't feel like they want to know us OR have little interest in providing consistent information/news via the proper channels?
We really do want to get to know you. What do you suggest would make you feel this way, too? Streams, as you already suggested or something else as well?We certainly did not and do not aim to turn your hair grey and I'm/we are sorry that you feel this way.
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