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3/28: Live Patch notesEnclave of Ahket
  • Fixed the following achievements: Purgatory, Pardon the Interruption, No Help for the Wicked.
  • Conqueror achievement has been added.
  • Fixed a bug where pets were being targeted by Rock Tomb in Enclave of Ahnket.
  • Fixed a bug where bosses in Enclave of Ahnket were requiring an individual loot charge when killed for the first time each day.
  • Adjusted the drop rates of items in Enclave of Ahnket.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the upgrade recipes for Eternal Items from updating when completing Enclave of Ahnket (Expert).
Gedlo Badlands
  • Fixed a bug that caused Infected Desert Phoenix to spawn in Devilís Canyon instead of regular Desert Phoenix.
RIFT Store:
  • Greenata mount can now be purchased with credits.
  • Ignoring a player now blocks friend summon attempts from showing
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