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I can't log in to my patron account. I have a mobile authentic and I keep getting an error that the code is wrong. I can't submit a ticket because I can't log in. I'm not seeing any problem listed on the forums, but it occurs to me that if others can't log in, they also can't report problems. I've even installed and updated the app on my newer phone but that one won't even log in from the settings page. The problem only seems to exist on my patron account. I'll provide that account name and email to admins in private mail on this forum.edited to add: this has been happening since last night. I was on after patch and most of afternoon. Left for supper and some tv, came back to the game and started having the problem. Still exists this morning.
Hey there,If you send an email to support@trionworlds.com it will create a ticket for you.To make the wait a bit shorter please include in the subject line of your email: I need to remove my authenticatorAlso, include any details you can think of for your account, so our support team can try to verify you are the account holder as quickly as possible. This means sending the email from the account connected to the authenticator, include the name and date of birth added on the account, and any other helpful details you can think of.Post none of that info here in the forums, please.Thanks!
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