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Greetings, Ascended! RIFT is fast approaching double digits with our 8th anniversary happening this year! Jump into Carnival of the Ascended 2019 to celebrate the occasion with us! Carnival celebrations are estimated to take place in Tempest Bay for players on Live servers from March 21st at 3:30 PM Pacific (22:30 UTC) to April 11th at 3:30 PM Pacific (22:30 UTC). Available for event currency will be:
  • The Red Flames Racing Snail mount
  • The Ornate Red Tuskar mount
  • A new Raid Tier Earring for lvl 70s
This year you’ll also be able to pick up this gorgeous new Masked Carnival Budgie mount! Purchase this festive fowl for Credits and it is unlocked for every character on your account. In addition to this, the White Striped Racing Snail and Ornate Red Tuskar mounts will be joining the carnival festivities. Finally, the White Shelled Racing Snail will be available as part of a featured bonus pack. We’ll see you in Telara for Carnival 2019! Keep an eye on this thread for possible updates or changes.
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