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Its over for me. i'd like to delete my account but there is no response on tickets other than mails "hey is your ticket still relevant?" ive waited for months now. Account deletion is also trough a ticket and you have to give them answers on the following questions:
  • A brief explanation as to why you would like to have your account deleted
  • Name of character, server and Trion game(s) you played
  • Date of Birth you used when creating the account
  • Name of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) at the time of registration
  • Last IP address used to play a Trion game
  • Have you ever purchased a Trion game or credits in one of our games? If so, include the last 4 digits of your credit or paypal email address.
So its impossible to delete the account. I hope they read this and answer the tickets. It was fun playing... i have over 2000 hours in the game on steam and i was playing before that. All good things come to and end i guess
Hello, this is not quite true. Any additional information you can provide is welcomed, but not necessary to get your account deleted. If you'd like you can give me your ticket number and I'll check. Kind regards!
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