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I have been waiting since the end of October for a response regarding a store purchase problem on my Patron account. I did not resubmit my ticket when you asked us to please just be patient and not resubmit our outstanding tickets. I wish to share the response I just received from Customer Service : Please let us know if you are still experiencing the same issue and if so, please submit a new ticket with up to date details on it. In attempt to improve the customer support, we will be closing older tickets, so that we may endeavor to deal with active game issues as quickly and efficiently as we can. Wow! Just wow. How does closing my ticket without addressing the issue improve customer support? What exactly are the perks again for being a Patron? totally disgusted -Squirrel
Hello,Since there are a lot of tickets in the backlog, the CS is checking this way if some issues still persist. I do understand the frustration that comes with that measure, but opening a new ticket would now probably result in a faster reply.
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