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Hullo all, just a quick post say that PTS has been updated. The main points of interest are only related to Prime and the unlocking Storm Legion Raid Tier and Great Hunt Rifts. As always, if you are planning on going in and testing things, feel free to let me know and I will try to get free to assist and make adjustments.Prime PTS (Omega):
  • Nox Alar now sells Tier 1 armor pieces from all three raids
  • LFR entries for Storm Legion Tier 1 Raids is available
  • Fixed an incorrect loot table in Triumph of the Dragon Queen
  • Adjusted hit point and damage values of NPCs in Triumph of the Dragon Queen
  • Great Hunt merchants have been unlocked and Great Hunt Rifts have had initial health and damage adjustments.
Reminder – for testing on Omega, you must access the PTS via the "Rift Prime" launcher in Glyph. Select "Rift Prime" then select "PTS" from the dropdown in the upper right corner of Glyph.You cannot transfer characters from Prime to Prime PTS. Instead, there are NPCs on the server that will provide you with a level 50 boost and some starter gear, use those to join in, build your specs, and start testing. Please visit Fluffy Prime for all your testing needs.(The vast majority of the above reminder were ‘borrowed’ from one of Clowd’s posts)
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