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Greetings Ascended!
We've gotten reports of some almost criminally fabulous wardrobe creations spotted on the Telaran plains . Let's have ourselves a little competition! What say you? Can you beat my creation? (I know you can!)No matter what your style may be, show us what you got . We only have one category and that is Telaran Extravaganza Eleganza (so anything goes).How do you participate? Simply post your entry (a screenshot of your most fabulous wardrobe creation) in the forum thread below. The Contest is open to both NA and EU.There are no restriction on any item categories. However, your screenshot must include your in game name, so that we know it was you who styled this outfit.One entry per person & we have to be able to see the whole outfit in your screenshot (you can also include closeups in your entry if you think we'd miss important elements of the outfit but please, keep it all a part of one post) + if the background matches/complements your creation, even better. Send in screenshots of your Sunday best until the 2nd of January, starting today! The rewards will be sent as soon as possible after the event is over.Prizes:You bet your Cloth Slippers of Rebirth there is! The three best creations will get some juicy rewards - a custom title, loyalty points and credits.Who are the judges?This really is a sneaky way for me and the rest of the team to get to know you, so we will be the judges but feel free to help us out by sharing your own opinion telling us who your favorites are.
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