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Thank you very much everyone for such a nice reception!
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I hope you put a bug in their ear..We need CS! Some of us have been waiting since Oct and have standing tickets that need addressed--
I am aware of this problem, we all are and we are doing what we can but the holiday season approaching is not making this situation easier.
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welcome!i do hope you are playing the game and settling into the awesomeness of rift if you have questions do let us know, as we will have plenty for you!
I am playing, thank you and don't hesitate to message me!
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Are you also EU based?
I am but you can catch me running around on the NA server.
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I have a question from a Reddit poster who I guess can't post here. I just returned to the game so wasn't here for the Brasse days, so don't shoot the messenger!
In regards to your question, Leiloni - we, the current CMs have decided that we will not look at previous suspension as we simply weren't there to have all the necessary information and context on the ban. And, at the moment, there are other issues that we need to prioritize.
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Welcome! Englisch, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Korean what can we expect?
As Tidbitz mentioned, we are still currently hiring people and at the moment I do not have the information on what languages will be covered but stay tuned. By the way, Tidbitz is a native level French speaker so, feel free to poke him.
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Hate to be a negative nansy, but let's get our facts straight:CM Tidbits (11/21/2018):"Hello everyone!I am Tidbitz, your new Community Manager.I apologize for the delayed communication but you finally get your own CM!"Now we get (12/07/2018):"CM Liluri here!Greetings Ascended! I am Liluri, your new Community Manager."Right so, I assume Tidbitz is no longer our community manager (probably mentioned elsewhere like discord), considering he was dealing with Defiance as well. So he could be defined as an "over-arching" community manager. Well, we know that's not true. We only had one community manager when the game wasn't dead, if we think Tidbitz is going to have anything to do with Rift then we need a reality check.So when Tidbitz says.."Reinforcments have arrived!".. is that factually correct?! If an army leaves to be replaced by another one, that is not reinforcement..
See the response of Tidbitz above.
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Glad to have you onboard. Ready to hit the ground running? As you know "Rift" is still an active game. We are still playing. The "Store" is still open and people are still spending credits and buying Patron time. SO, knowing that there are a lot of things that need to be addressed, I think you and the Team need to start off by addressing the many "tickets" that are outstanding. I for one, do not have any, but several of my guild members do and have for a long time. There hasn't been a patch in awhile. Is/Are there Dev's actively working on the game right now? Da V
Yes, there are devs actively working on the game. And, we are aware of the CS problem, it will not last for ever but at the moment the transition madness combined with the holidays approaching are not making it easier.
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