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Fae Yule has been enabled, and all of your favorite NPCs and events ‘should’ be enabled for testing. Hop on PTS, try a few of the events, see what is broken, crash your sled into a snowman (or if you are like me… into many, many, many trees) and let us know if any of the events in the Fae Yule event are not working correctly, not showing up in their correct locations, or giving incorrect rewards. Please post your feedback here in the forums. Live PTS (Alpha):
  • Fae Yule has been enabled
Prime PTS (Omega):
  • Along with the above Fae Yule there is also the initial work for the Storm Legion Tier 1 raids and an adjustment to mentored levels for older raids based on player feedback. If any groups
  • Fae Yule has been enabled
  • Storm Legion Tier 1 Raids Frozen Tempest, Endless Eclipse, and Triumph of the Dragon Queen have had an initial balance pass and have been enabled
  • Infernal Dawn has had Mentor Level increased to 51
Reminder – for testing on Omega, you must access PTS via the "Rift Prime" launcher in Glyph. Select "Rift Prime" then select "PTS" from the dropdown in the upper right corner of Glyph. You cannot transfer characters from Prime to Prime PTS. Instead, there are NPCs on the server that will provide you with a level 50 boost and some starter gear, use those to join in, build your specs, and start testing. Please visit Fluffy Prime for all your testing needs. (The vast majority of the above reminder were ‘borrowed’ from one of Clowd’s posts)
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