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Think you meant you love 80's music as well.
Of course I do! I love me some Rush, Tears for Fears, Genesis, Def Leppard, Journey, They Might Be Giants, Ah-Ha and so many more i can't think of right now! Just to give you an idea, Ernest Cline's book "Ready Player One" was a blast to read through (as well as far superior to the later Movie adaptation) and i would recommend it to any 80's pop culture enthusiast.
Now can you please kick the cs team into gear
I already noted several reports on that topic. I am investigating and checking what's happening on the CS side. Please remain patient until i find our more about it and give you all an update.
As you have just started playing, what are you currently doing? Which class(es) and specs have you been fooling around with?
Right now i'm trying them all out and on different servers. I'm not set just yet on a specific shard and class. But knowing my past experiences in MMOs, i'll most likely settle for rogue and cleric
Do you guys still plan to maintain and update/bug fix Rift and keep it going?
To my knowledge there is still plans to bring content and updates on Rift in the future. Once I learn more about details i'll be sure to share them as soon as possible so stay tuned!
I would like to know your background on games if that is okay with you? I mean your experience on working with games.
This isn't my first rodeo drive. I have been Game Master and Community Manager on 2 other games before. All shooter-like genre i'll admit but the skills i got definitely apply here as well! I am used and comfortable with speaking to gaming communities, reporting bugs and issues, testing upcoming content, moderation and generally speaking, how F2P games operate (talking with dev team, content updates, potential issues, etc...). I hope this can reassure you even just a bit as to my set of skills. PS: I counter with Jamiroquai's 2002 Live concert in Verona and more specifically the "Main Vein" song! You can thank me later. As for the other changes, fixes and update requests, please understand that i'll have to look more carefully to the top priority ones, compile them and report them accordingly. This will not only take a bit more time, but i also want to stress out that it does not imply said changes/fixes will be applied. I will merely evaluate consensus/shared opinions and suggestions to the team in charge of them.
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