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Alright i'll try to answer as much as I can. Also I already joined Clowd's discord so don't hesitate to holla at me. Can't promise i'll be able to answer but i usually am on discord.
Just have one question. How are you our own CM when you also work on Defiance 2050?
We are still figuring the team assignments. As far as I know, more CMs will join our team as pointed out by Bonny.
I'm a long time D&D player, what edition do you play? 5e? 3.5/Pathfinder? Also can we expect to see you in any Rift related twitch streams in the near future?
Started seriously this year on 5E so technically still a noobie. But already love it. For streams, there is no plan for me to appear on it at the moment. But i'm not against it should the opportunity arise.
How long until Rift is shut down? A lot of us have Patron status that is running out of time and we're waiting for any sign of life to re-sub. The sale of Trion has pretty much killed Rift Prime, the progression server.
I do not have answers for these points sadly but if i ever get some information on any topic i'll inform the community.
I'd like to know Which Devs are staying or you guys gonna hire new Devs for rift ?
i do not have answers for these either sorry. Stay tuned for more info.
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