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They also need to be not 5 minutes plus ride from each other, and then you have to mentor to the right level and spend the next 5 minutes killing it. Because if it does that for the standard 3-4 artis pinatas usually drop, we are better off just doing an unstable event.
No riding between pinatas need happen as players are the ones that place them:http://forums.riftgame.com/general-d...ml#post5366265
I don't understand how this event worked just fine for several years when more players were playing, but is now unfixable. How does that happen? It should have been the same code every year with just changes to the loot tables?
Entropy. Different companies have different names for it (I have been told Facebook engineers refer to this as "code debt"), but essentially, changes you make in various places have cascading impacts, often in ways that are not direct and might not be immediately apparent. What it effectively means is that ALL code in the game, if the game is still in active development, has a maintenance cost over time.Sometimes the cost for such maintenance needs to be triaged - is continuing to support what is really a special case confluence of systems such as a large quest hub with activities within an instance in a multi-shard environment the best use of engineering resources? In this case, we decided that no it was not.But yes, sometimes content you are not touching can still break over time because of - essentially - entropy.
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