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My question for the stream is why is the autumn harvest artifact collection method being changed?
It was being changed primarily because of how broken the collection of them was last year, and how it and many other aspects of the event were even more broken this year. Simply put, the game was not dealing well with an instanced hub in a multi-shard environment. It was causing a cascade of issues.Over the course of 4 hours yesterday, Captain Cursor and I stripped down the Realm of the Autumn Harvest to relocate the critical content to Sanctum and Meridian so that we could remove the over-taxed instance from the equation.While in previous years, the amount of artifacts collected WAS an issue for the game economy, adding the corn maze barriers last year was a workable thematic speed bump that seemed to strike a good balance. So that was not the motivation for the change.
its enjoyable to have artifact collecting concentrated in one small area (looking at you pinatas - making me run halfway across the world ).
So these pinatas are NOT like that. These pinatas are more like cross between the loot pinatas we used to sell towards the end of Storm Legion and artifact pinatas. They are player usable items that you can toss where you choose - meaning that a raid of players can choose to get together and toss their pinatas one at a time, resulting in wave after wave of artifacts to collect from the ground.No chasing map spawns needed.
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