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Does anyone know who's in charge of creators now that Mobi is gone? Who is planning the Extra Life event? I'm a Trion Creator who would love to stream for a great cause like this, but nothing has been communicated. Tried asking on the twitter post about it and got no response. There isn't a published schedule outside of the weekly stream, so I don't feel comfortable just randomly streaming during special planned events.I've heard that this has been planned on certain discord servers, but it would be nice to get all of the creators involved if possible.
The Trion Creator Program is being run collectively by the Community Team now, and as forbiddenlake says, we do have a central, cross-game Discord. Also, if you are already in the program, please check your email for a note from CM Morgana regarding Extra Life!I'll PM you the Discord invite, we're trying to get as many Creators in there as possible, for ease of information sharing!Brasse
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