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So as some of you know, this is my 6th year doing Extra Life which is awesome. I've raised a lot of money for a great cause and here I am again with some some sweet sweet incentives for donating, or just simply watching my stream and keeping me company :-D.My goal is to be streaming almost every day after work up until Extra Life (11/3). I'll be for sure streaming on the Trion day of 10/19 after work and the official day of 11/3 starting at 10 AM and going for as long as I want to, no 24 hour guarantee this time, sorry!I stream a variety of games, I like to spice things up so a lot of it will not be Rift, but...for the Rift portions I do, I have some fun surprises. I made some new stuff this week that hasn't ever been in the game before and allows certain "things" to happen which haven't been experienced by anyone (to my knowledge). So without giving away too much detail, that's all I'll say for now because somethingsomething keep you excited, but I imagine it will be fun. If all goes as planned, the actual "thing" will be announced next Friday the 19th by me.ONTO THE PRIZES!During random times in my streams I will be giving out various prizes. I have the following:
  • Maelforge Power Packs
  • 30 Days of Patron
  • Rising Storm Packs
  • Prime Tempest Packs
  • Burning Apocalypse Snails
  • RR Minions (Live only)
  • RR Mounts (Primal Khadlig)
How do I get loot? Show up and watch my stream is one way. Simply being in it and talking is enough. If I have enough viewers to do rolls, then I can give stuff away. Donating also puts your name in for prizes, including a year of patron and maybe (seriously, just a maybe, I don't know yet) either a signed Collector's Edition of Rift, or an unopened one. The full details of the prizes, games, scheduling, and everything else you want to know can be found at http://extra-life.org/participant/roughraptors. My personal stream is embedded into that link, but in case you want it separately it's https://www.twitch.tv/roughraptors.Thanks again for everyone's support and see you on teh interwebs.-RR
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